The 3D Printing Materials Guide

Discover the materials available for 3D printing and find the right 3D printing material for your project.

Material bible

What's inside?


Metal, Resin, or Plastic?

Learn about the different materials available for metal, resin, and plastic 3D printing.

What are the different technologies?

Discover the technologies and find the materials available for your project.


What are the technical properties?

Compare the technical properties for different 3D printing materials.

Material bible

All the best 3D Printing Materials in one place!

Explore the wide range of material choices for your 3D printing needs. In this ebook, you’ll find the most used and useful materials sorted by type: 3D printed plastics, 3D printed resins, 3D printed metals, Multicolor and others. For each material, you’ll fine the technologies available and the technical properties to get the perfect result for your project.

Download the ebook: The 3D Printing Materials Guide