Design Guidelines for 3D Printing

Discover the guidelines to follow to ensure a printable 3D file and the perfect result for your 3D printing project.

design guidelines

What's inside?

Best Practices

Our in-house design team and production experts give you the best advice to follow.

Constraints and technical limitations

Learn about the limitations of 3D printing for different technologies.

Optimizing your file

See how to optimize and repair your file for 3D printing with recommended tools.

design guidelines

Get the complete guidelines to follow for 3D printing.

The design of a 3D file is key to succeed with 3D printing because your model has to be 3D printable. You may be using the best 3D modeling software, and the best design tools, but there can be errors on your 3D model when you want to print it, even if it seems to be correct on your screen.

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