Fix your Files for 3D Printing Guide

Learn about common 3D modeling mistakes and how to repair them to make your file printable.

Fix your files

What's inside?


Modeling Mistakes to Avoid

Discover the common 3D file issues that make a file unprintable.

Free Analysis and Repair Tools

Explore the options for free file analysis and repair tools online.

Repair Tools of Common Software

Learn how to use the analysis and repair tools of common CAD software.

Fix your files

Make all your 3D models printable!

A comprehensive guide that includes a list of the most common modeling mistakes, a complete list of Sculpteo’s online 3D printing tools for automatic repairs, and the best software to analyze and repair 3D files if you want to get your hands dirty.

You will find the best solutions for: analyzing your 3D file (mesh), repairing your 3D file, Measuring filesize (physical and digital), Reducing polygon count the number of polygons, Hollowing and Thickening your model, and many more! Download your ebook now.

Download the ebook: Fix your Files for 3D Printing Guide