A Guide to 3D Printing And Intellectual Property

Copyright, brands, patents, designs & models: what are your rights in Europe and the United-States?

Intellectual property

What's inside?


What are intellectual property rights?

Learn about the laws of intellectual property rights and how they are applied.

What are the differences in Europe and US IP regulations?

Explore European and American IP regulations.


How can I protect my work?

See how the laws protect designers and creators.

Intellectual property

Do you know your rights when it comes to design and 3D printing?

This ebook is for all the users of 3D printing and all the future users of this technology! Here’s what you will find in this ebook, to help you to avoid IP infringements: What are intellectual property rights; Application of French intellectual property rights to 3D printing; 3D printing technology and U.S rights; Application of U.S intellectual property rights.

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