Welcome to the 3D printing showroom by BananaMama! Here is the list of articles imagined by BananaMama, all set to be 3D printed. Our online shop presents Articulated skeleton, Pendants and Necklaces that can be customized using materials and shades you appreciate. Decide for the Articulated skeleton, Pendants and Necklaces, pick the material that fits so you could adapt the options to get a unique product. Reinvent Articulated skeleton, Pendants and Necklaces by picking out the 3D printing material, proportion, and pigment you want them in or even by modifying the 3D file to your own plan. The Marketplace by Sculpteo authorizes you to adapt 3D models designed by BananaMama to make them to your own or to gift them to someone you love. Each design enables you to conceive special objects by mixing the vision of BananaMama with numberless combinations of 3D printing shades and components. Articulated skeleton, Pendants and Necklaces you find here is okay to be composed with metals, plastics, resins, and composite multicolor 3D printing material and we will make suggestions to obtain the best 3D printing material for each item you buy. Explore the 3D printing universe designed by BananaMama and add your own style to make singular objects you will place in a pouch, embellish your apartment with or share with your close ones. Explore 3D models of Articulated skeleton, Pendants and Necklaces by BananaMama in this shop and make them adjusted for your colorful lifestyle!