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Welcome to the 3D printing boutique by Dex! Here is the list of objects imagined by Dex, all set to be 3D printed. This shop presents DNV Box that can be personalized using materials or colorations you prefer. Choose among the DNV Box, pick the component which fits so you could customize the options to your own preference. Create DNV Box by selecting the 3D printing material, proportion, pigment you would like them in or even by customizing the 3D file to your own plan. The Marketplace by Sculpteo enables you to adapt 3D models designed by Dex to transform them to your own or to gift them to someone you love. Each design makes you conceive unique goods by blending the originality of Dex with numberless combinations of 3D printing shades and materials. DNV Box you find in this store can be made out of resins, metals, plastics, and composite multicolor 3D printing material and we will guide you to get the finest 3D printing component for each object you pick. Dig into the 3D printing universe created by Dex and add your personal touch to build unique objects which you will carry in your wallet, embellish your workspace with or show them to your close ones! Check out 3D models of DNV Box by Dex in our Marketplace and make them enter your own multicolored way of life!