Welcome to the 3D printing boutique by JulienCotel! Here are all the models of articles invented by JulienCotel, which are prepared to be 3D printed. Our shop presents Building models that you can customize using materials or colors you appreciate! Select the Building models, select the material which fits so you could personalize the options to your own personality. Remodel Building models by deciding for the 3D printing color, material, length and height you prefer them in or even by modifying the 3D file to your own needs. The Marketplace by Sculpteo lets you adjust 3D models by JulienCotel to remodel them to your own or to present them to a relative. Each model lets you customize unique items by mixing the creativity of JulienCotel with numberless combos of 3D printing pigments and constituents. Building models you find in this store may be made out of metals, resins, plastics, and composite multicolor 3D printing material and we will make suggestions to have the best 3D printing component for each item you buy. Dive into the 3D printing world built by JulienCotel and add your personal touch to build unique items which you will have in a bag, decorate your workspace with or show them to your family. Check out 3D models of Building models by JulienCotel in this shop and make them adjusted for your own colorful lifestyle!