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Here is your 3D printed iPhone cases! phone_holder_by_ctrl_design was conceived and sold by skiiil so you are able to customize it, make it personal and use it every day! Buy more than seventy five varied 3D printing components to conceive this 3D printing item so it matchs your lifestyle or the use and way of life of the friend you desire to present it to. Choose the 3D printing material that your desire, the coloration that matchs your personality, the proportion you want your phone_holder_by_ctrl_design in and you will receive it 3D printed very promptly. Thanks to the marketplace by Sculpteo, you are able personalize this conceptby skiiil and spontaneously get an appreciatiation of how the 3D printed item will look like. If you happen to be uncertain or are not a 3D printing professional yet, we'll also give you suggestions to optimize your phone_holder_by_ctrl_design and make the most of the talent skiiil put in it to conceive a very singular and custom-made iPhone cases. If you want to get phone_holder_by_ctrl_design 3D printed for yourself or for someone you will let you to follow it until it reaches you. You could customize the design of this 3D model and personalize bits to truly obtain a one of a kind of object, do not hesitate to add details and make this 3D printing project even more special and perfect for your temper. And if you like phone_holder_by_ctrl_design, do not forget to examine the others 3D models made by skiiil to create other wonderful 3D printing projects.