Create text in 3D

Choose your creation mode :
basic 3D text, written background or engraving.
Write your text and adjust parameters such as the font, letters, height, thickness and color.
Then simply order your 3D print (white plastic or color)

Make one for free

Key Ring

Choose a 3D model from the community gallery
Customize it by choosing your hook
Order a 3D Print free of charge (white plastic only)

Sculpteo App

Get the Sculpteo App and 3D print your personal collection. We ask some of the world's best designers to join us and create 3D designs that you can make your own.

Create geometric shapes

Choose a geometric shape (simple or complicated)
Deform, refine, colour.
Then simply order the 3D Print (white plastic or colour)

3D picture

Upload an image to Sculpteo
Add relief
This method is particularly suitable for drawings, sketches and engravings.
Order a 3D print (in white plastic or colour)

Case for iPhone

Express your personality by designing a unique case for your iPhone with the 3DPCase App. Also available for iPhone 5.

Customized medal

Design your pendant engraved with your own pattern, with no limits except your imagination to create silver-coated jewelry.

Printable Geography

Create a unique custom iPhone case from you favorite place in the world! powered by

Autodesk 123D

Use Autodesk 123D free 3D modeling software to create things yourself and 3D print them on Sculpteo through the integrated interface.

Pixel engine

Select a 3D model from the community gallery and cover it with pixels.

3Dvia Shape

Create a printable object with
3Dvia shape


Create your personal MWOO creature with


Create your own pottery with Infinite Dreams


Use Leopoly, the free, browser-based 3D sculpting tool to design your objects for 3D printing.

Customizable cup

Create your own cup, with just 2 mouse clicks.