Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sculpteo and flying model aircraft, on !

An excellent article has been published by one of our flying aircraft model maker on July 23rd 2010, on (in French only, please try here or use Google translation available in the Homepage): we have printed white polyamid pieces for his “flying object”, a short time ago.

Motor mount for a Nuri, designed with Solidworks

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After THE open doors evening, July 8th 2010

Here at last is the post about our “open door” evening, on July 8th!

All Sculpteo’s team got mobilized to welcome you to our open door evening in Vanves, during which we have spent a very agreable moment in your company, having a drink while such gathered.

That evening was a valuable opportunity that unabled us to exchange with you, and to have a concrete preview of the use of our objects ; thanks to the rail transport modelling fans that came with their models, for that matter. More over, we have appreciated your curiosity and your interest in our activity, because each is a fuel for Sculpteo!

In order to illustrate the evening, we have made a video, with the kind cooperation of some of the guests, all fascinated by the animation we had planned: a 3D printing demonstration on our colour 3D printer, and after then the printed logo of Sculpteo as a gift.

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