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3D Systems ProJet 1500: an affordable personal color 3D Printer

On September 26th, 3D Systems announced the immediate availability of the ProJet 1500 personal 3D printer priced at $14,500, making high-resolution durable color parts accessible to more designers, engineers, architects, marketers, educators and students.

This new 3D printer print high-resolution, durable plastic parts in up to six different colors. Parts printed on the ProJetTM 1500 are tough and suitable for a variety of functional testing and snap-fit applications.

The ProJet 1500 is network ready, featuring email notifications and an intuitive web browser interface for shared access and is office compatible, emitting no excess heat, odor or dust.

Customizable and 3D Printable Architecture 3D Models

WireCASE showcase a lot of beautiful architecture 3D models on its Sculpteo Gallery embedded below.

If you are an architect you too can benefit from Sculpteo’s Embeddable 3D Viewer to showcase your 3D models everywhere you want. The big advantage is you can sell 3D prints of your models and allow users to customize them (if you decide to).

ZCorporation 3D Printers featured on Fox 25 news

“Basically, if you can get it into the computer, if you can describe the design in the computer, the machine will print it and make it real,” says Z Corporation’s Vice President of Product Management, Joe Titlow.

“It starts by putting down a layer of powder, which is 4 thousandths of an inch thick. We combine, we print on that powder with a liquid binder solution that binds those powder particles together, and creates a solid object,”

In Our Own Backyard: 3D Printers:

Source : Fox 25 News

Blue Robot

The Sculpteo Gallery has recently welcomed “Blue Robot”, a new robot designed by “Troll

“The world of robots has always fascinated me, so it felt very natural when I designed BlueRobot, the first in a series of original characters. It’s consistent with the style of my illustrations, a mix of manga and cartoon. I like the idea of frozen movement, so I designed it in full takeoff (or landing) mode so that I could enjoy the smoke billowing from its jet engines. Its massive head and little black eyes make it an endearing character – just the kind of thing you want to collect. You can see more of my work on