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OpenSCAD Parameters to Sculpteo: Our Unique Feature for Easy Configurable Designs!

We have great news today for all lovers of OpenSCAD and parameters for 3D designs.

You can now have your build-in OpenSCAD parameters directly available for you and your customers on Sculpteo! This unique feature makes it very simple to turn any OpenSCAD file into a configurable Sculpteo design. We extended the idea behind CloudSCAD to propose this exclusive feature. Continue reading

Export and 3D Print your Files from 3DTin to Sculpteo

Sculpteo 3D printing service is now integrated to 3DTin, the 3D modeling tool that runs directly in your browser.

Export your files on for easy 3D printing. We produce your object and send it to you. You receive your creation a few days later at your doorstep.

3DTin is free and works on Google Chrome and Firefox with WebGL support. Everyone can use it as soon as designs are in Creative Commons. Because it is a service in the cloud, you have access from any computer to your sketches made on 3DTin. They are accessible from anywhere and you can share them with a unique URL.

Sketches can be exported in the main 3D formats: STL, OBJ, DAE. You can then modify them in other modeling and printing softwares.

When you export your file on Sculpteo, you can choose your material, change the size of your design and check the solidity of your future object.

Thanks to 3DTin for this partnership!

White Detail Resin: the Complete Q&A

Our White Detail Resin material is having a great success among the community. You have lots of questions regarding the best practices to apply for getting the desired result. Let’s try to answer them!

How does the White Detail Resin look like?

White Detail Resin is a rigid and opaque material. The default result is a white smooth surface which is matted or polished, depending on your object.

For what kind of Continue reading

Milan Design Week 2012: A Very Successful Collaboration with Particule 14. Thank you!

Today was the last day of the Milan Design Week. We were very glad to present our 3D printing technologies and vision on Design 2.0 the all week. 13500 attendees on Saturday!

As you know, Sculpteo and Particule 14‘s designers collaborated to explore possibles of 3D printing technologies for the future of design.

Let’s highlight today the three last pieces created by Particule 14 and available on the Sculpteo iPhone app and in the Sculpteo store of Particule 14.

Milky Tray by Marie-Christine Dorner

Milky Tray has been designed by French designer Marie-Christine Dorner and 3D printed in ceramics at Sculpteo. It is a set consisting of a bowl, a Continue reading