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New material on : White detail resin

Sculpteo is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new material for 3D printing in high definition : white detail resin.

Creations are printed by using Objet technology. It works by jetting photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers, layer by layer, until the model is completed. In the final stage, each photopolymer layer is immediately solidified by UV light.

The printing resolution is 28 microns. The object is rigid, opaque, with a smooth surfacing, high detailed. It’s very close to standard plastic.

We recommend using it for smaller, very highly detailed objects and figures. The color of white detail resine is similar to white polyamide, but it is offering a higher detail and a smooth surface.

Here are a few notes to designers:
– The dimensions of the model shall not exceed 100x100x100 mm.
– Minimal wall thickness for white detail resine is 2mm.
– The object could be articulated.
– Post finishing with paint is possible but leads to a possible loss of detail.

Now, you can order and print your favorite 3D designs in white detail resin on
Enjoy it !

7 Resources for Hardware Entrepreneurs in the SF Bay Area

Last time we talked about the emerging hardware startup ecosystem.This tim we would like to share with you some useful tools and online resources for hardware entrepreneurs.

Meet the Hardware Start-up Community

SF Hardware Startup Meet-up

Hardware Startups now have their San Francisco meet-up thanks to Nick Pinkston, founder & CEO of Cloudfab, a Pittsburgh-based software company that connects entrepreneurs and 3D printing manufacturers. Nick recently moved to the city and now spends most of his time meeting and gathering the fast-growing hardware startup community.

Last week’s event was a big success! More than 130 attendees for the second edition. We presented Sculpteo to the audience (most of you never heard of us but were interested in 3D printing) and discovered exciting projects: from an innovative bike brake to a promising coffee brewing machine, from electronic fabric to 3D printed customized glasses. Michael Righi, co-founder of OYOglasses was nice enough to accept an interview with us today… article coming soon!

We encourage anyone interested in hardware startups to join the Meet-up page and come to the next event.

Solid State Startups

Solid State Startups is a regular meeting held at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View. It gathers hardware startup entrepreneurs and makers as well. We haven’t been there yet but it seems promising. The Hacker Dojo is definitively a place to check if you are nearby and want to meet peers.

Lemnos Labs’ Hardware Events Newsletter

Every week, co-founders of hardware startup incubator Lemnos Labs reviews a list of main hardware entrepreneur events in the Bay Area and features the most interesting one.

If you’re not familiar with, we invite you to take a look at it! Created a few months ago by Nivi and Naval, the two behind Venture Hacks, is a social network for connecting entrepreneurs and investors. The 3D printing list is worth following.

Learn to Prototype and Make Things

The Crucible

The Crucible is a non-profit organization based in Oakland that provides industrial art classes and workshops. From moldmaking to woodworking, milling machine to blacksmithing or jewelry making, The Crucible is a great resource for makers located in the Bay Area needing to learn how to build a prototype.


We took a tour at Techshop for Sculpteo by the Bay a few weeks ago and keep spending time here. Members are working on all kinds of hardware projects. A great place to learn, make and meet makers/entrepreneurs.

Workshop Weekends

Workshop Weekends was created a few months ago. The idea: a week-end to learn how to make things. Classes can be attended by anyone interested by electronics (Arduino, soldering, EL Wire), programming (webdevelopment), music instruments, games. We were surprised to not see any 3D printing classes at the upcoming event!

Do you know of other places or resources that can be useful for hardware entrepreneurs? Feel free to comment to improve this list!

Meet Sculpteo team next week in Paris !

Next week, there will be 2 great opportunities to catch up with Sculpteo at these events in Paris !

On November 22th starts the European Consumer Forum 2011 organized by Dassault Systems. The ECF is THE Dassault Systèmes’ event that drives industry professionals and offers time and flexibility to discover Dassault Systèmes’solutions and newness. This year’s theme is “Innovation in Life” and is dedicated to revealing how industry and technology leaders are using DS 3D and PLM solutions, in order to innovate and create products and experiences in an immersive 3D lifelike environment.
As 3DViA partner, we are proud to show some 3DVIA community members models and highlights latest innovations released on
This event will take place at Disneyland Resort until November 23th.

Working with students and teachers is also a part of our job that we all love at Sculpteo. So we are very happy to respond to Universcience‘s invitation to join them at the Salon Europeen de l’Education. Universcience open lab will be the place for testing and discover new ways of creating and learning. We will make 3D Printing demonstrations and give tips and advises for making perfect 3d models. The Salon de l’Education takes place in Parc des Expositions from Paris Porte de Versailles from Wednesday November 24th to Sunday. You can get a free entrance by just clicking here.

So if you are in and around Paris next week, join us. We really hope to see you at ECF or in Salon de l’Education !

Sculpteo at Les Ateliers de Paris on November 14th

The Ateliers de Paris, a place which promote creation and innovation in the sectors of art, fashion and design collaborate with Sculpteo. To promote the development of sustainable and innovative projects, Ateliers de Paris organize different meetings for professionals and experts.

Sculpteo, 3D-Print service will be at the next Happy Hour of the Ateliers de Paris on Monday 14th November from 6pm to 8pm. The topic is ” Inventer de nouveaux modes de production avec l’impression 3D “. Clément Moreau, Sculpteo’s CEO and Jean-louis Frechin, designer of No-design will discuss about the evolution resulting from the 3D production and how we can move from mass production to mass personalization. They will share with us their experience of this new technology and their contribution as manufacturer and designer.

Join us at this conference !

For more informations click here

SF Hardware Startups: the Birth of an Ecosystem

An ecosystem of hardware startups is emerging in the Bay Area. We are glad to meet entrepreneurs, investors and mentors sharing their enthusiasm and projects with us. The digital fabrication movement – 3D printing is one of the key tools of it – is at its beginning. It means a lot for an online 3D printing platform like Sculpteo… and for you, as an entrepreneur, designer, engineer!

We recently met Jeremy Conrad, a former MIT student and NASA spacesuit engineer. Since May, he is also the co-founder of Lemnos Labs, a new investment fund and incubator interested in early-stage hardware startups. By this winter, 4 or 5 startups should receive funding (up to $50K) and mentorship from experts in the field.

It’s no surprise that investors and entrepreneurs have begun to realize the exceptional advantages of digital fabrication: lower fabrication costs (thanks to online fabrication services and maker spaces), faster prototyping, highly custom products, social sharing features (3D design sharing platform like Sculpteo, Endlessforms, Thingiverse,…). More and more early-stage startups are developing hardware products and in a wide range of application areas.

In the Dogpatch area on the Bay side of San Francisco, old factories have been transformed into huge warehouse workspaces and offices. Lots of hardware startups have moved there, thanks to the low space rents and, most of all, the highly creative ecosystem.

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