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Join the 3D Printing Paris Meetup Group

Sculpteo is organizing the first Meetup dedicated to 3D Printing in Paris. The 3D Printing Paris Meetup – Première Edition will happen on Wednesday, February 8th at La Flaq, 36 rue Quincampoix, Metro Chatelet, from 8pm to 10pm.

We propose to anyone interested by 3D printing to join us. We’re willing to make it a great opportunity to meet each other and discover great projects involving 3D printing.

Feel free to suggest a project that you would like to present during the first meetup. We keep you updated of the coming 3D printing projects on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter.

Please join the 3D Printing Paris Meetup page and share the word!

Eyal Gever: Pushing the Limits of 3D Printing

Eyal Gever is an Isarelian artist using 3D printing to create amazing and complicated sculptures. Entrepreneur in a first life, Eyal Gever is now a sculptor combining his passion for both code and art. Interviewed by the BBC, he shares his passion for 3D coding additive manufacturing.

“Personal fabrication, creating physical objects out of the computer is going to be huge.”

Take a look:

More pictures of Eyal Gever’s work on his website

via: BBC News

IKEA Sofa Player: Towards Mass Customization

Mass customization is everywhere! IKEA just launched the Sofa Player, a website with a bunch of great videos about their sofa collection.

You might argue that it has nothing to see with 3D printing… but we think it’s deeply related! More and more consumers want to own very personal objects. We want things that we can play with, hack, make our own. 3D printing gives you this capability by letting you create or enhance all things around you.

What would you do to your couch?

via: W&Cie Blog

100 Things to Watch in 2012: from Access Everywhere to Personal Retailing

JWT Intelligence just published its new report on the “100 things to watch in 2012″. It’s a well-informed and beautifully edited presentation on the main game-changing trends and disruptive changes for the year to come.

Among other interesting ones: access everywhere (n°1), personal retailer (n°54), rooftop farming (n°61) or online lives in print (n°52)… We are glad to feel the urge for personalization, quality of life, mobility and new ways of consuming products.

That’s exactly what Sculpteo is aiming to do with its 3D Printing Cloud Engine for online retailers: integrate easily the mass customization, propose better and personal products on tablets and smartphones, jump into the 3D printing industrial revolution.

JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2012

And you, what are the trends you’re willing the most to see happening?

What Can the Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud Engine Make for Your Business?

Today, we would like to tell you more about our 3D Printing Cloud Engine.

As an online retailer, you can now embed the 3D printing revolution directly into your store thanks to the new Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud Engine solution.

We developed an easy-to-integrate customization solution that let you embed unique 3D customization tools (3D gallery, 3D viewer, 3D customization tool) to your store and give your customers the ability to have their customized products easily 3D printed.

We developed the 3D Printing Cloud Engine as a tailored-made solution. It means that we really adapt to the specific needs of your online store or website to provide you with the best customization solution.

At Sculpteo, we deeply believe that 3D printing is the ultimate tool for mass customization. As experts of additive manufacturing technologies, we give you now the opportunity to make 3D printing a reality for your customers.

Mass customization is on its way, and we are proud to be the only one on the market letting online retailers jump into the 3D printing revolution!

To know more about how we can help you, feel free to contact us or give us a call at +33 1 83 64 11 22 or 1-800-814-1270 (US toll free). We’ll be pleased to give you more information and see how we can bring you heavy mass customization opportunities.