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Sculpteo at the Designer’s Days 2012

Sculpteo participates to the Designer’s Days 2012. From May 31 to July 4, immerse yourself in the Paris design scene. Multiple places and designers are presenting their work and some of them are using 3D printing.

We created an interactive map of places where you will be able to see 3D printed designs in Paris in the next days. Discover the work of Elium Studio at La Rotonde, Patrick Nadeau at Jardins Jardin aux Tuileries and Elise Fouin at Les Ateliers de Paris. They present pieces 3D printed by Sculpteo. Sismo and Made in Design are also showing a photomaton that will let you get a 3D print of yourself and the exhibition Multiversités Créatives is showing innovative pieces made with 3D printing.

View Sculpteo aux Designer’s Days 2012 in a larger map

In the next days, we will take you in a tour of the 3D printed projects we collaborated on. Stay tuned!

Sculpteo at Web2Day Nantes

Sculpteo will be at Web2Day Nantes for a panel about 3D printing. It will be a good time to discuss the latest innovations in 3D printing and talk about the future of production and design.

We’ll be on stage at 2pm in the Maxi Hall, along with moderator Ludovic Simon from Atlantic 2.0 and the CKAB team.

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From Photographies to 3D Prints: Paul Marx is Our Featured Sculpteo Store #2

Paul Marx, owner of a Sculpteo store that he embedded on his website, is the featured store of the week. Thanks a lot for sharing so many interesting links and advices! This interview will definitively be useful for anyone wanting to modelize easily for 3D printing.

We invite you to visit the store of Paul Marx directly on his website. He travels the world and creates 3D sculptures from the pieces of art he photographies in museums. It means that on the Sculpteo store of Paul Marx, you can order a sculpture of Rodin or a Renaissance bas-relief, in the material of your choice!

Sculpteo: Could you present yourself briefly and tell us more about the designs that you sell in your Sculpteo Store?
Paul Marx: I am not a professional 3D modeler. My experience is Continue reading

Inspiring 3D Printed Industrial Landscapes

Artist in residence Norwood Viviano presents the sculpture project that he is currently creating at Corning Museum of Glass. He is using 3D printed landscape models as parts of his urban landscape glass sculptures exploring issues related to industry and population shift within manufacturing cities.

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3 Beautiful 3D Printed Stadium Models

Olympic stadiums are complicated pieces. They include outside and inside parts, small details and large flat areas. What kind of other buildings may need to model hundred of seats and large green surface in the same time?

Complicated model means… 3D printing! Ravensbourne college London lecturer Jon Fidler designed the 2012 Olympic Stadium in 6 hours using SolidWorks. It took him only a few hours more to 3D print the model, using FDM technology. Here is the great time-lapse video that came out of the project:


Other stadium, other example with this 3D printed Continue reading