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3DVIA Shape: 3D Design Made Easy

Dassault Systemes offers a great 3D modeling software (for free) named “3DVIA Shape

“3DVIA Shape is a free online 3D modeling, remix and publishing application that allows anyone to easily share their ideas in 3D. Based on some of the most powerful modeling applications in the world, 3DVIA Shape allows users to create models, add textures and then publish them directly to our free online community located at 3DVIA Web site”

Sculpteo partnership with Dassault Systèmes now allow community to 3D print their 3D models with a “Send to Sculpteo” button

Download 3DVIA Shape (Windows only)

To get started, check out 3DVIA Shape video tutorials and Mini-tutorials

Sculpteo receive the Observeur du Design 2012 label

Sculpteo Team is pleased to announce that our online 3D Printing service has been awarded with the “Observeur du design 2012″ label. Sculpteo is now competing for the “Stars of the Observeur” award.

Organized by APCI since 1999, the Design Observeur is a quality label, an award, exhibitions in France and abroad, and an international conference.

The Design Observeur spot innovative designs (products, spaces and services) and award them a label.

An annual 4 months exhibition aims to highlight and reward a selection of the best creations resulting from the collaboration between companies and designers. Sculpteo designs will be presented from 9 november 2011 up to 11 march 2012 at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris.

The “Stars of the Observeur”, are awarded by an independent jury of professionals and experts to reward the most outstanding creations during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The annoucement of the Stars of the Observeur awards will be held at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris during the exhibition opening ceremony.

Sculpteo and Dassault Systemes are proud to introduce you the 3D Print button for 3DVIA

We are proud to announce a partnership with Dassault Systèmes’, one of the top 3D communities on the Web.

With this partnership, the 260,000+ users of community can order online 3D-printed versions of their 3DVIA-hosted models through the Sculpteo 3D Printing service. is an open platform accepting most 3D files, including CAD and other standard formats (OBJ, DAE, 3DXML, STEP and IGES).

Community members can now print almost any creation by simply clicking the “Send to Sculpteo 3D Print” button on their own 3DVIA model’s view page, specify the size they wish to print and choose a white, black or full-color print option. Final printed models are shipped directly to users mailboxes.

“We are very excited to serve the 3DVIA community with Sculpteo’s technology by offering a new and seamless service to transform files into real objects,” said Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of “This new alliance contributes to the ineluctable democratization of 3D.”

“We are providing a valuable service to our creative community,” said Lynne Wilson, CEO, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes. “We are connecting the virtual to the real, allowing 3DVIA users to literally bring their ideas to life by ordering a printed 3D version.”

What is 3D Printing? [Infographic]

The transition from the age of industrialism to the age of information technology allowed us to explore virtuality and to manipulate those things in virtual space that had no physical form or presence. 3D printing allow us to manipulate reality rather than virtuality by allowing us to give form to conceptualizations.

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