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Space Invaders QR Code

A QRCode (Quick Response Code) is a 2D barcode allowing access to any item on the Web (website, image, video etc.) simply by scanning it with a smartphone equipped with a reader such as Mobile Tag.

The QR code below, however, won’t take you anywhere. It’s a piece of art that has all the looks of a QR Code, but upon closer examination you’ll spot a naughty alien right out of famous videogame Space Invaders.

Well, who would have thought? This is perhaps why some people don’t trust new technologies ;-)

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As you may have noticed, the interface has recently undergone graphic and functional improvements.

We have very much focused on how designers can control which customization choices they offer users. Personalization options can now be fine-tuned feature by feature.

Users now have a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for the new models gallery. Changing textures and colours on certain models is a new feature that many will enjoy.

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When 3D characters come true – ZBrush-Sculpteo competition winners give us their impressions

ZBrush France, in partnership with Sculpteo, held a competition on the theme “What if your favourite superhero was an animal?”

“Imagine a world where your favourite superheroes are animals: what if Batman was a fly? Or if a dog was hiding under Spiderman’s jumpsuit? Take an existing superhero and turn him into an animal!”

Participants had until December 5, 2010 to submit a 3D model created with Pixologic’s ZBrush software and compatible with 3D printing.

The winners are:

1 – Abe HOKAGE, with his Sloth-Wolverine, wins a 20 cm-high Sculpteo 3D print
2 – Kidd, with his Gorilla-Wolverine, wins a 10 cm-high Sculpteo 3D print
3 – Ectelios, with his Flash-Bunny, wins a 10 cm-high Sculpteo 3D print

You can view other participants’ models on the Zbrush France forum

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