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New Figurine Workshop under Construction. Stay Tuned!

You might have noticed it already but our figurine workshop is under construction. We are preparing some great changes to our customised figurines service. It will be easier to use, more efficient and even more cool. Stay tuned for the launch!

While we are working on improving the figurine workshop, why not try another workshop? We have plenty of great customisation tools ready for you.

You could for example create a custom case for your iPhone, get a silver medal from your profile picture or get your favorite image 3D printed in 3D! And that’s just a few examples. We have much more workshops available.

Our goal: make it fun and easy to use for everyone. You should give it a try!

Visit Sculpteo Workshops page here.


Wired Italia 3D Prints its iPhone 5 Case with 3DPcase

A quick post to share with you a great post on Twitter that has been retweeted many times. Wired Italia tried 3DPcase and created this very cool iPhone 5 case:

Have you tried us yet? Share your designs on our 3DPcase Facebook page!

Go on or download the app for free.

Discover How your 3D Printed MWOOS Come to Life [VIDEO] A Collaboration Between Dassault Systemes and Sculpteo

We presented you a few months ago the little world of MWOOS. These adorable creatures can be fully customized online on and 3D printed at

Customize and 3D print your own MWOOS on

Discover in this video how the MWOOS come to life. From your imagination to your living-room.

MWOOS are the result of a collaboration between:

3DVIA by Dassault Systemes brings its 3D technology

Sculpteo takes care of the 3D printings

At-Once design the original MWOOS

Adele R. Design publishes them

and Octarina brings you the 3D experience!

Don’t be scared! MWOOS are very friendly :)

Go on to create your own creature.

The MWOOS have also a Facebook page where you can meet the community and share about your creations.

Minecraft 3D Printed Model by Sculpteo Goes to Somerville Maker Faire

Eric Haines send us pictures of his Mineways booth taken during Maker Faire Somerville.

Mineways Booth at Somerville Maker Faire 2012. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

He is the creator of Mineways, a free program that lets you select a model from your Minecraft world and have it 3D printed by and others.

On his booth, Eric presented great 3D printings made with Mineways. One of them was the very beautiful Solamar designed by Sterling Babcock. We are proud that he chose us for 3D printing his creation. We told you about this model a few weeks ago. It is a very demanding piece, which includes many small details and colors.

Solamar’s V52 by Sterling Babcock. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

Solamar’s V52 by Sterling Babcock. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

We 3D printed it using our Multicolor material. 16 million colors available, printed in 0.1mm layers with a fine mineral powder. After the printing, we inject cyanoacrylate glue into the object. It becomes hard as porcelain.

Here is what Eric told us about kids’ reactions when they visited the booth and discovered the printings:

“It was very popular! Kids loved looking at all the details and taking it apart.”

Kids visiting the Mineways booth at Somerville Maker Faire. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

Playing with Minecraft 3D printings. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

Playing with Minecraft 3D printings. Credit Photo: Eric Haines

And you, have you ever been to a Maker Faire? Share your 3D printing story in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Talk by Vivien Chappelier from Sculpteo at 3D Print Show: How To Create Customizable Designs

Vivien Chappelier from Sculpteo will give a talk on Saturday and Sunday (Oct 20-21) at 3D Print Show.

How to create customizable designs

More and more consumers want to own personalised objects. Platforms like Sculpteo enable everyone to be creative, and to make unique bespoke objects. During this interactive workshop you will explore all the possibilities of customization and how you can create unique objects with our special tools. See how easily each object comes to life!

If there is one talk where you should definitively go to, it’s this one!

Vivien Chappelier has been with Sculpteo from the beginning. He is the one leading the team behind some of our most innovative products:

  • The Sculpteo app, that lets you create customizable designs directly in the app and have them 3D printed.

  • 3DPcase, our latest creation, that lets you create your own iPhone case from more than 13 customizable templates.

He is the specialist in developing technological products involving easy-to-use customization and 3D printing.

When he’s not preparing some special Halloween features for 3DPcase, you can find him happily coding in his house in the West of France!


3D Print Show Sculpteo Seminar

Seminar: “How to create customizable designs

Saturday 20th October
13:00 – 14:00
Sunday 21st October

More info >>>