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3D Printed Electrical Race Car… Towards a Green Car Future?

After a 3D printed boat, it’s now a race car that has been fully 3D printed! The team of engineers behind the project is called Formula Group T and is located in Belgium. They 3D printed the full car body after designing a shark-skin like shape for enhancing its speed.

Credit Photo: Formula Group T

Other parts of the car haven’t been 3D printed (the 85 kW electric motor for example) but are driven by the same vision of creating an innovative race car that is both highly sustainable and efficient.

Credit Photo: Formula Group T

3D printing allows engineers to design shapes that were not possible before. For example, the Areion’s design uses the wind for its own advantage thanks to air channels passing through the engine.

Via Wired


A 3D Printed Boat Recycling Milk Jug Plastic

The WOOF group (Washington Open Object Fabricators) from University of Washington created the first 3D printed boat. It is made from recycled HPDE milk jug plastic.

Credit Photo: WOOF, UW

The idea behind the project is not only to show what 3D printing can do. It is also a way to imagine new sources for getting plastic, a material that is not easy to find in many third world countries.

3D printing is bringing new solutions for recycling and reusing materials. Not only for drafting prototypes, but now definitively for producing on-demand final products.

The 3D printed boat created by WOOF even raced the Seafair Milk Carton Derby…and ended up 2nd on 14 participants!

Credit Photo: WOOF


3D Printing Optical Illusions: Escher for Real

A few days ago, Sculpteo user Georges de Wailly shared with us an interesting news about 3D printing on our Facebook page. We think that many of you will like it.

Gershon Elber of the Computer Science Department of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 3D printed some of the most famous Escher’s drawings, master of illusion. The project is called Escher for Real.

These 3D shapes reproduces impossible Escher effect when viewed from a specific angle. Among the pieces that have been 3D printed so far: Penrose Triangle, Waterfall, Belvedere or Relativity.



Credit photos: Escher for Real

A great example of the power of 3D printing for creating challenging shapes and pushing the boundaries of design.

Ready for 3D Printing Paris #4 by Sculpteo?

3D Printing Paris #4 is happening tomorrow. A full evening of demos, mingling and friendly discussions around 3D printing (and everything it could change in our lives)

Feel free to join us and spread the word. The event is open to everyone. It will happen from 8pm to late at La Flaq, a nice bar located right in the center of Paris.

You’re now almost 150 to be part of 3D Printing Paris! A big thank you to the very active French community. The journey is just starting, you should join us.

Event RSVP: Here.


Sculpteo Improves its Customization Tools

We keep improving our customization tools. Our goal: make 3D printing accessible for everyone. For us, customizing your 3D print should be as easy as riding a bike. Once you got it, you’re good to go for your entire life.

That’s why we have developed workshops, iPhone apps and now made some changes on our customization tools.

Designs available at can be entirely customized. Add texts, apply images or shapes, change colors, modify filters… We make it easy for you to horse around with the great designs proposed by our community.

Let’s take an example of an object you can customize at Sculpteo.

This Terrain Pendant necklace is proposed by Society for Printable Geography (who has also integrated our Cloud Engine in their iPhone Case Creator).

Thanks to a handy side panel, it’s now even easier than before to add text…


add the background image of your choice, apply smooth or cubify filter… You can then select your material among our fastly growing choice.

Browse our stores, upload your designs and let the customization begin!