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We need you and your talent!

A place that combines your interests in 3D creation and business online with Sculpteo.

You create 3D designs and you are interested in highlighting your works? Sculpteo is the website in which your models can be sold (you receive each month royalties), viewed in 3D, customized, geometrically checked, exhibited in our gallery… for free.
Furthermore, you can use our 3D viewer to sell your works on your blog or website.

3D printing technology is becoming affordable, but what about a company that provides an online 3D viewer and customization as you could do on zazzle with the 2D impression?

Exciting isn’t it?

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3D modelers : How to Monetize Your Work on Sculpteo

- Register here
– Fill in your public information (Shop information)
– Open a PayPal account and fill this form
Upload your 3D models (you can set a royalty rate for each 3D model)
– Around the 20th of each month, Sculpteo pays you the amount of royalties earned for the previous month when the orders have been placed, delivered and accepted by the clients.

Your public gallery is available at

More info about “Designer shops

Black is beautiful : Sculpteo adds black plastic to its 3D Printing materials

Until now there was 2 options when printing an object on Sculpteo : a strong and flexible material available in white only, and a porcelain-like material with which you can print every multicolor object you want.

We now offer the option to order 3D models in black (white plastic dyed in black)

-50% on Black Plastic until April 15th with this promocode : black_50%_EUR (in Euros) or black_50%_USD (in Dollars)

More on Sculpteo 3D printing materials

3D printing solutions for Digital dentistry

Objet Geometries demonstrated the benefits of adding 3D printing to the workflow at the International Dental Show 2011 (Cologne, Germany) with its Eden 260 V 3D printer

“The adoption of digital technology is happening rapidly in the dental industry and we see 3D printing as a key part of this workflow trend. The benefits of a process that integrates oral scanning with digital design and digital printing over traditional methods are clear,” asserts Avi Cohen Head of Medical Solutions at Objet.

“Production times are significantly reduced and bottlenecks are a thing of the past as multiple, unique parts are built in single print runs”.

By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models, and a range of orthodontic appliances for dental offices.

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3D Printers can make music too

In this video from Erik de Bruijn you can see a RepRap (Replicating Rapid prototyper) 3D printer making music.

“The RepRap 3D can not only make things… it also makes music!
This is the theme song of ‘The Terminator’… will it be man versus machine?”

3D Printers can also print musical instruments but that’s another story.