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Massive Price Reduction on Sculpteo White Detail Resin

The price of our white resin keeps going down! It’s more than ever the right time to try it out as we are now doing a permanent reduction. Count about 21% off of any objects 3D printed in white resin with Sculpteo.

It really makes a difference on the biggest objects (the small ones were already pretty cheap). An example with our famous octopus sculpture, who jumps from more than $1,000 to $800.

If you’re an architect wanting to 3D print your model, a design or R&D agency looking for a product 3D printed with fast and precision, this new permanent price reduction will interest you!

BEFORE: 20×13,5×19 cm in White Detail Resin = $1,081

AFTER: same size, same material =$850

For all specs on our high quality White Detail Resin, take a look at this page. And if you want to upload your file now for a real-time price estimation, go on and simply upload your file. The quote is free, safe and confidential.

Lock Materials and Size for your Customers in your Sculpteo Store

We presented you a step-by-step guide for enabling customization on your Sculpteo designer store.

Some of you wrote us to ask for new customization features, as you noticed that customers were more and more interested to customize their objects to have them 3D printed.

We listened to you, and we worked to bring you some cool new customization features!

You can now select in which materials and sizes will be your object available. You customers will then be able to choose the material and size they like the most before to have it 3D printed by Sculpteo.

Let’s see how this customization feature works. Follow the guide:

1. Upload your design or select a design already in your shop

Select the design that you want to configure

2. Click on “Settings” Continue reading

5 Mind-Blowing 3D Printing Innovations for the Future

Additive manufacturing is a fastly moving technology. Each week brings new amazing projects on stage… 3D printings that no one thought possible a few years or months ago. We selected some of these amazing 3D printing projects that just showed up in the news recently.

Successful transplant of a 3D printed jaw

An 83-year-old woman got a successful transplant of the first 3D printed jaw. The surgery happened last June in the Netherlands and went publicised this February. Built by LayerWise and following researches carried out at the Biomedical Research Institute at Hasselt University in Belgium, the 3D printed organ is made of titanium powder and a bioceramic coating. 3D printing is the only technology able to produce such a complex and unique part, “involving articulated joints, cavities to promote muscle attachment and grooves to direct the regrowth of nerves and veins.”

3D printed fossils make dinosaurs move again

Dr. Kenneth Lacovara and Dr. James Tangorra from Drexel University are 3D printing replicas of dinosaurs’ fossils in order to better understand how Continue reading

Le Lieu du Design supports Sculpteo R&D

Sculpteo has been accepted to participate to the grant program of Le Lieu du Design, the public center for design and designers in the Paris region. It’s a great opportunity for us to develop R&D further more in our facilities in the French Pyrenees. 3D printing is all about innovation and pushing the limits of what can be done with additive manufacturing and complete on-demand customization. 3D printing R&D is for us a core activity.

Le Lieu du Design opened its doors less than two years ago for supporting industrial design and innovation. The Paris region is one of the most active design center in Europe and worldwide with more than 4,000 dedicated companies, 30,000 design industry workers and 2,5 billion euros turnover.

Exhibitions, workshops, information… If you’re a designer or business owner visiting Paris, Le Lieu du Design should definitively be on your list!

We will keep you up-to-date here with our latest researches on new materials and 3D printing technics.

Announcement: Tinkercad Supports Now Sculpteo

We are really happy to announce the new integration of Sculpteo with Tinkercad.


You can now design in 3D with Tinkercad and directly push the Sculpteo order button to get high quality 3D prints delivered to your doorstep.

“Sculpteo has been doing a great work with expanding the reach of 3D printing and we are happy to add their printing service to the lineup offered by Tinkercad,” said Kai Backman, co-founder and CEO of Tinkercad.

Designing with Tinkercad is free and very easy. Like Sculpteo, Tinkercad is a service running in the cloud, which means that you don’t need to install any software. It works directly in your web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome), so you can create and order a 3D print of your designs from any computer!

Tinkercad has been designed for makers who want to play with 3D in an intuitive and fun way.

We are excited to see what you will make with Tinkercad and Sculpteo! Let’s print!