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2011: The Year 3D Printing Became a Hot Trend

2011 has been a year of success for 3D printing. Additive manufacturing gained an amazing popularity and a bunch of events showed that democratization is quickly on its way! At Sculpteo, we were very proud to see it happening!

We selected a few of them. Here is the story:

January 2011

Las Ramblas’ Barcelona main street is occupied by BlablabLAB with the Be Your Own Souvenir installation. Tourists stop by in the street and print themselves thanks to a Kinekt and a 3D printer. Operation is a success.

March 2011

EADS 3D prints a full bike for the first time and claims to the world that additive manufacturing will deeply change manufacturing.

May 2011

Markus Kayser builds a solar-powered 3D printer that prints glass from sand and tries it for 2 weeks in the desert

June 2011

Sculpteo announces its partnership with Dassault Systemes‘ 3DVIA and the launch of its 3D Print Button. Community members can now print almost any creation by simply clicking the “Send to Sculpteo 3D Print” button on their own 3DVIA model’s view page.

August 2011

Makerbot raises $10M from The Foundry Group. The New-York based company proposes a low-cost entertaining 3D printer kit. Fans of additive manufacturing are growing fast!

October 2011

3D artist Joshua Harker becomes one of the most funded Kickstarter campaign ever with its Crania Anatomica Filigrae by raising more than 16000% of its initial goal. And uses the 3D Viewer on to let everyone see the model from all angles.

November 2011

An other Kickstarter campaign reaches the top of the list: Printrbot raises more than $830,000! The 3D printer project spread like fire on social networks.

3D printing was one of the hottest trends of 2011. The ineluctable democratization of 3D printing is on its way as we see more and more people passionate about the amazing possibilities offered by additive manufacturing technologies.

At Sculpteo, we are committed to bring you the best 3D printing quality and unique online tools to make your 3D printing experience as amazing as possible! We are preparing 2012 with passion to bring you new services and great surprises. See you soon!

Sculpteo Collaborates with the School of Communication Arts in London

Sculpteo supported an important project for School of Communication Arts, a Creative Advertising Course in London. Students received a brief from Creative Social which is a global digital advertising. Creative Social asked them to create a 3D object that best signifies being a Social and give it a name. One design will be chosen and the 3D object will represent the values that members of Creative Social share in common. We helped the students to print all their objects.

We visited the School in London, introduced the 3D printing to the students, explained them what file extensions are compatible to print an object and showed them different examples of designs we have made. We also answered all the questions and emails from students until the objects were printed. 7 teams were in competition and Sculpteo printed all the projects.

The School of Communication Arts is a Creative Advertising Course in London for people who are passionate about advertising. Students work and learn during 12 months in a studio, surrounded and supported by 400 mentors, industry’s top talent, and 100 advertising agencies.

Thanks to this project, Creative Social appreciated the great work of students, discovered 3D printing (new for them) and Sculpteo. Sharing this experience with the school was a good way to show that advertising practices are deeply changing thanks to additive manufacturing and digital fabrication.

The school send us a great video presenting the project:

If you have a project feel free to contact us! We are really happy to collaborate with schools and designers.

Sculpteo Quoted as One of The “10 Technologies to Look Forward to in 2012″

Sculpteo is named as one of the key actors in the “10 Technologies to look forward to in 2012“. Joe Minihane from Electricpig identifies 10 technologies and anticipates some of the changes that might happen this year for the consumer electronic market. Among them: smart TVs, tablet gaming controls, quad-core phones…and 3D printing.

He takes us as a successful example for his predictions regarding 3D printing:

And until now, 3D printing has also been similarly difficult for average consumers. 2012 should see that change though, as services like Sculpteo take off. It lets you upload your schematics to their website, before reeling off 3D prints and sending them straight to you.

And you, what do you think? Which technologies will make a difference in 2012?

One Last Cup of Sculpteo by the Bay with BlossomCoffee

Last days of Sculpteo by the Bay… We were extremely glad to meet you all! It didn’t come as a surprise that so many designers and entrepreneurs are interested by 3D printing technologies. We are more motivated than ever to help you taking the most of 3D printing for your business! At Sculpteo, we strongly believe that additive manufacturing will greatly improve both mass customization and product design in the years to come.

Our last interview was with Jeremy Kuempel, former product designer at Apple and founder of BlossomCoffee. His company is one of these hardware startups spreading in the Bay Area that are using additive manufacturing and digital fabrication to speeding up prototyping phases.

BlossomCoffee is designing a brewing system for coffee and tea. Jeremy shared with us some of his thoughts on design product and how digital fabrication is changing the way we think and create things. From streamlining the fabrication process to lowering down the costs on prototyping phase, he strongly believes that 3D printing is a great opportunity for small and big-sizes companies. He experienced it himself in a various range of projects mixing technologies and design.

Sculpteo will be back soon in the US. The CES, Consumer Electronic Show, will take place in Las Vegas next Jan 10th to 13th. Stay tuned!

A Visit at Vivian Stephenson’s, San Francisco-Based 3D Artist

A few weeks ago, Vivian Stephenson reached us on our Facebook page. She shared a great picture of one of her sculptures currently displayed in an art gallery in San Jose, CA.

We were really glad to meet Vivian at her home in San Francisco for one of our last interviews for Sculpteo by the Bay.

Vivian is a 3D designer and a sculptor. She designs complex 3D shapes using Google Sketchup and makes them Continue reading