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Honey Point

Sale on Honey Point 3D Classes @ Autodesk Gallery

Have you been looking to get your feet wet in 3D modeling? If you’re in the Bay area Honey Point 3D is what you’ve been searching for, and they are offering classes at 61% off via Groupon!

Honey Point 3D offers modeling classes for all ages at two locations in the Bay area, and right now they have a sale on a class and tour of the AutoDesk Headquarters! For $39 you’ll get admission to a modeling class, a 3D printing demo, a tour of the Autodesk gallery, and free refreshments provided by AutoDesk and Honey Point 3D. All of that has a value of $100 — that’s a savings of $61!!

Here’s a link to the Groupon where you can claim your spot.

The modeling techniques you’ll learn through Honey Point 3D have endless possibilities; its the perfect way to get you or your business involved in rapid prototyping. (Not to mention the files you’ll learn to make work flawlessly with the Sculpteo website)

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your road to 3D modeling and printing perfection!

Honey Point


Join us for Startup Weekend San Jose

Join us July 11-13th for the Maker Startup Weekend San Jose! Our US sales manager, Nora Touré, will be there to answer any and all questions you have about 3D printing.

Startup Weekends are 54 hour events in which a new startups are founded. These events are held all over the world with over 1800 previous events already. They are a great opportunity for designers, coders, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a great idea to come together and meet other people in the industry.

But Startup Weekends are not only for people looking to create the next Facebook; anyone interested in tech is welcome to come and meet the teams.

Feel free to stop by and say hello to Nora, or to pitch the next great idea!

For more information on Startup Weekend watch this interesting Trailer:


Startup Weekend – Trailer from Eighteen Eighty on Vimeo.

3D Print Exhibition Lyon

Talk, Round Table & Sculpteo Booth at the 3D Print Exhibition in Lyon

The first French show entirely dedicated to 3D Printing is coming fast. Next week, right after Futur en Seine, our team will go to Lyon for the 3D Print Exhibition. Between June 17th-20th, our team will be in Lyon to welcome you on Sculpteo’s booth, to give talks and lead round tables.

First, Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo, will be the host of a round table on Tuesday 17th June between 2:00pm a,d 3:00pm around: “When can we use additive manufacturing as an accelerator? “. Alexandre Martel, co-founder of 3D Natives, will moderate this round table, and ask guests to share their knowledge and experience of the 3D printing world. Alexandre will raise the following questions:

- Rapid prototyping: be reactive to gain speed?

- Custommization: how to produce custom-made products and keep costs under control?

- Short series: a production facility with no upfront investment?

- Create injection mold with 3D printing: knowledge sharing.

Other guests will be: Patrick VALLA, Président – VALLA; Philippe BesNArD, Directeur Design, Footwear Category, Amer sports; Frédéric GIACoBoNe, Directeur Développement et sourcing, Footwear Category, Amer sports; and Jean-Marie MALDJIAN, expert Matériaux – schneider electric

A second round table will be lead by Marine Coré-Baillais, CMO of Sculpteo. Marine will receive three Intellectual Property specialists to discuss the issue of piracy in the 3D printing industry. The round table starts at 11:00am on Thursday 19th. Guests are:

Anne-sophie Cantreau, Avocate – Cabinet Alain Bensoussan
Loic Le Merlus, research Associate – econolyst
Cécile Coustal, Chargée de projets – Plastipolis

Our team will welcome you during the whole show on our booth. If you’re looking to get your hands on some 3D prints, don’t hesitate to swing by.

See you there.


June Blog Sculpteo

It’s June. Come meet us at Futur en Seine and Maker Faire Paris.

Summer is finally here, and as always, when there is sun, people are looking to get out. Sculpteo team has planned quite a few events for you this month in France to do just that. If you want to meet us, we’ll be at Futur en Seine, at our “3D Scanning & 3D Printing Meetup”, and the Maker Faire Paris.

The French Digital Festival Futur en Seine is kicking off tomorrow. There will be at lot of cool stuff to see, and of course some 3D printing for everyone. Starting tomorrow and until Sunday, we’ll welcome you on our booth inside the CNAM (Centre National des Arts et Métiers) in the center of Paris. From June 12th to 15th, we will be present inside the “Innovation’s village” of Futur en Seine. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about 3D printing, this event is the good place. We will display:

- The Giroptic prototype - a 360° camera which reached  almost $1000000 on Kickstarter;

- BlueBee, a connected tracker, produced with 3D Printing;

- affiches_A3_bagues_001Michiel Cornelissen’s KXX rings. You’ll also be able to purchase those rings during the event. Every profit will go to the Darue Malungo de Recife association to help finance development projects in the favelas;






- 3D printed jewelry with the Love.by.me app by Dassault Systèmes: affiches_A3_potatoyz_001

- Potatoyz app and 3D printed toys.







During Futur en Seine, we will also host a Meetup about “3D Scanning and 3D Printing”. This happens on Friday, June 13th at the Gaite Lyrique between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. We’ll present the different 3D acquisition technologies that exist and above all you’ll be offered the opportunity to experience 3D scanning yourself and go home with a ready to print 3D scan.

We selected the best people to speak about the latest acquisition technologies:

- Leonid Volkov, business developer @ Artec 

- Sylvain Lotteau, engineer @ Acute3D

- Henry Elophe, photogrammetry specialist.

- Jean Colladon, founder of Le Comptoir des Makers and of Ateliers Jisseo.

Artec will offer you the opportunity to get yourself scanned with a Kinect or a professional scanning solution.   Of course, this is also a opportunity to network and gather around beer talking 3D printing, 3D Scan and naturally Football! Hurry up and register! Only 100 spots available. We will push to have bigger room so don’t hesitate to sign up on the waiting list.

Finally, Futur en Seine will close its door simultaniously with the Maker Faire Paris on June 21 and 22.

Decoding 3D Printing Blog

Meet us Decoding 3D Printing Workshop @Autodesk Gallery

On Friday, June 27, 2-7 p.m., Sculpteo and the Autodesk Gallery will host Decoding 3D Printing to get you started with 3D printing. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to get your feet wet with 3D Printing or a professional wanting to know how 3D Printing could help your business, Sculpteo’s team and guests will get you up to speed in an afternoon.

3D printing has changed the way many industries work. For decades, it’s been used in protoyping, but modern companies are now using additive manufacturing methods to offer the highest levels of customization, innovation and rapid production available.


WORKSHOP 1: Introduction + 3D printing for businesses  (2:00pm – 4:30pm)

Intro to Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud Engine

Presentation of Autodesk 123D Suite and how they integrated with Sculpteo’s APIs.

Showcase of 5 startups, companies and softwares that have already integrated Sculpteo’s Cloud Engine


Leap Motion 

Autodesk MeshMixer



WORKSHOP 2: “Your first 3D print” + Networking (5:00pm – 7:00pm)

The second part of the afternoon will be dedicated to a 101 workshop from Paul Liaw. Paul is a 3D modeling specialist with a deep understanding of 3D printing. He will guide you through the process of getting your first 3D model ready for printing.

Paul LiawPaul Liaw is an acclaimed Senior Modeler currently working at Industrial Light & Magic. He has worked at nearly 40 companies in various fields including commercials, TV, film, medical, games, academia, 2D, and 3D printing.

His training and experience in traditional arts, manufacturing techniques, biology, fashion has resulted in a unlikely venn diagram of skillsets perfect for 3d printing.

We’ll then wrap up the day with snacks and beverages. It’s always a good opportunity to share the ideas the day has brought!

Sign up for one workshop or both, each workshop will accommodate 60 people.

See you there! If you know anyone interested in 3D printing, don’t hesitate to spread the word.