Additive Adoption A-Z: Product Development Playbook

A guide that provides the right tools and strategies to help your business face tough challenges and grow further.

What's inside?


The challenges of Product Development

Find out why it is crucial to have a proper plan when it comes to product development. 

Where can 3D printing be used?

Whether it is Rapid Prototyping, functional prototypes, or the actual production. Find out where AM can be used!

Step by Step Guide

To give an even better overview, we included a step-by-step guide to include 3D printing in your product development process.

Product development as a crucial part of you project

Product development is a crucial stage between the initial idea and the market release of your product. There are various steps that are included within this stage: conceptualization, design, prototyping, tests, iteration cycle, market validations, first production runs, and the final product launch. Additive manufacturing is a great ally in this stage. Find out more in our playbook!

Curious about how to use 3D printing in your business?

Access to a one-stop-shop of resources to discover your Additive Advantage. Use it to unlock the full potential of 3D printing, and:

  • Create room for innovation,
  • Scale your production,
  • Make adaptability one of your greatest strengths.

We’ve compiled our best ebooks, playbooks, guides, and customers’ stories, made for professionals who want new additive manufacturing opportunities…all in one place

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