The State of 3D Printing Report: 2021

Discover the insights of the 7th edition of the largest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry.

What's inside?

The Use of 3D Printing

How businesses are implement additive manufacturing in their process and for which applications?


Business Strategy

How 3D printing users are growing their business with this technology?

3D Printing & COVID-19

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses using 3D printing?

Discover the insights from the largest study of the 3D printing industry!

3D printing users from 86 countries and from all industries answered our survey, allowing us to build a serious international study about this technology. How are businesses using additive manufacturing and how this manufacturing technique is helping them to grow? This 2021 edition will also mention the COVID-19 pandemic, as 3D printing users shared with us how they faced this difficult period.

Download the report: The State of 3D Printing Report: 2021