The State of 3D Printing Report: 2020

Discover the insights of the 6th edition of the largest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry.


What's inside?

The Use of 3D Printing

What are the materials, technologies, and applications used by 3D printing users?


The View of 3D Printing

Is 3D printing living up to the hype? What are the challenges and the future of 3D printing?


Building a 3D Printing Strategy

How are power users making use of this technology?


Discover the insights from the largest study of the 3D printing industry!

Additive manufacturing is evolving quickly, and 3D printing is constantly used for new applications, more production, new 3D printing materials, new benefits, and growing budgets. See what are the applications, challenges, and future potential for 3D printing in our annual study.

Download the report: The State of 3D Printing Report: 2020