Agile Metal Technology:
Business Case

Audit your 3D project and discover how to optimize it thanks to 35+ criterias

  • A new software suite for Metal 3D Printing

    Sculpteo's Agile Metal Technology is a suite of tools to assess your 3D printing projects. Business Case is the first of these tools allowing you to evaluate your project's compatibility for Additive Manufacturing.

  • The first AI for
    3D Printing

    We’ve built an AI that checks the quality of CAD files, recommends materials and identifies your project's risks based on your inputs.

  • Focused, actionable reporting

    You benefit from an intelligent system that provides advice and an evaluation of whether 3D Printing will be beneficial for your project.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get started...

1. Do you already have a 3D file?

I can handle more than 40 different file types, but I recommend that you upload a .step, a .sldprt, a .iges or a .catpart file so that I have the most accurate information to work with.

Let's see how we're progressing on your Business Case