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All the Sculpteo eBooks in One Place

Sculpteo is not only the leading provider of digital fabrication services on the market today, we also have wide-ranging expertise that we love to share. So if you’re looking for some light reading on the 3D Printing and Laser Cutting happenings of the day check out our eBook Collection!

To date Sculpteo has released twelve eBooks (listed below), this article will give you a quick summary of each – but for the complete thing go ahead and click on it directly!

How to Design for Metal Casting: The Ultimate Guide

3D printing casting offers an amazing solution for producing small, but highly accurate and complex shapes. And improving metal casting with Additive Manufacturing can result in great quality and fully functional products with a wide range of finishes available for metal casting. With this ebook, you will discover the main materials for metal casting: silver, brass, and bronze. Metal casting can truly be a great solution for producing small metal parts with precious metals. From jewelry and decorative elements to watches, you can experience new design freedom for metal casting thanks to 3D printing.

Make the most of 3D printing for architecture

Almost anything you design on a computer can be 3D printed. This aspect of Additive Manufacturing (AM) makes it very attractive for architects to 3D print visualization models for clients and competitions. In our ebook, you will find other benefits of using 3D printing for architecture projects. Thanks to the latest innovations of AM, you can speed up the production of models, but also improve them by using different 3D printing materials.

Top 3D printing tips for Consumer Electronic Housings

This ebook is aimed for designers of consumer electronics. It will provide the most important information and considerations of 3D printing consumer electronic housings. Starting with the benefits of Additive Manufacturing and the main factors of why you should 3D print your designs, we will then move on to how to design for 3D technologies and which material will suit your project best. After that, we will guide you through the special qualities of the materials. Lastly, we will introduce you to post-processing modifications.

Discover 3D printing technology: Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion allows the creation of high-quality plastic parts in short lead-time. They are robust enough to stand the shocks, like the ones linked to the use of a bike helmet so that the head is protected. Discover how this technology works and how beneficial it will be for your production! With our ebook, you will learn more about how Multi Jet Fusion technology works and what materials can you use. We will also give you insights on the design guidelines for MJF. You can also get inspired by our case study!

How to start a 3D Printing Lab

Ever wondered what it would be for your company to have its own 3D printing lab? But where would you start? What resources, printers and personnel would you need? Not to mention, what exactly are the advantages of having a 3D printing lab of your own for the company to use?

We conducted interviews with 5 experts in the field of 3D printing labs in order to answer your questions. These experts speak on behalf of companies such as Google and will tell us more about their experience in having their own company’s 3D printing lab.

10 reasons for using a cloud additive manufacturing software​​

Have you ever thought about using a Cloud solution to run your 3D printing factory? A Cloud-based 3D printing software could simplify your daily work, make your team more efficient and secure all your data.

Discover our free ebook now and see all the reasons why you should use a Cloud solution to run your business !

3D Printing Experts

Ever wondered what 3D printing experts have to say regarding this technology? How they experienced 3D printing, the business tips they would like to share and their visions for the future of 3D printing: here are all of the different questions we asked them to help you learn more about additive manufacturing. Discover our free ebook now!

How to design for Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP)

3D printing resins using the Digital Light Synthesis technology, formerly known as CLIP, deliver incredible results but might not always be easy due to some specificities of this innovative process. Indeed, you should adapt to some special design constraints when creating your 3D model.

To help you master them, we created this DLS (CLIP) design white paper. Get the answers to all of your questions now!

The Complete Metal 3D Printing Guide

Metal 3D printing is much more complex and specific than regular 3D printing. Thermal constraints, technologies, design rules and many other subjects are covered by this complete metal 3D printing guide.

Download this free ebook now to learn more and master metal 3D printing.

The ultimate guide of laser cutting

Laser cutting is a digital manufacturing technique that enables you to cut a wide range of materials with high precision and excellent finish.

To mark the launch of our new online laser cutting service, we present your our ultimate guide of laser cutting! You will learn the origins and operating of the laser cutting technique, how to turn your design into a finished object and in which industrial fields laser cutters can be used.

3D Printing and intellectual property: what are your rights?

Do you know how to protect your 3D printing design? How to share your creation while ensuring your copyright? Are you certain you’re allowed to print that 3D model? If you’re in doubt, this ebook is for you. 3D printing is a gold mine for creative possibilities… but also for fraudulent copies. This is a key issue of the Third Industrial Revolution. The legal framework lacks precision, which gives leeway for copyright abuses. Laws do exist already to protect and regulate this digital market. There are no doubts they will evolve and gain in relevance in the next few years, while 3D printing reaches a larger public through the action of large companies. In the mid time, whether you practice in the United-States or in Europe, this ebook offers a clear understanding of the legal framework.

3D Printing Material Bible: discover all the materials available

Beyond being a hot topic, 3D printing is in fact a range of different fabrication technologies. What they all have in common is that they build objects additively, which means that a 3D printer adds layer upon layer of a raw material.

Since 3D printing’s early days (back in the late 80s), we’ve come a long way and from one material choice only, there are now many materials available for 3D printing. For each material, you’ll know which technology is used to 3D print with it and get a good look at the results of a 3D print.

Graduate in 3D Printing

Through these 4 eBooks you will find more than 180 courses and resources to learn 3D printing whether you’re looking to enroll for an online training or to find what your next university could be. Each eBook focuses on a specific set of skills, making it extremely intuitive to find the training that fits you.

How to boost your 3D printing education? Part 4 - Improve your 3D printing skills on your own!

Are you willing to learn more about this technology, the process of creation and the way to develop a business around it? It relies only on you and, maybe a little push with this guide to help you find the good training for you. In this last volume of our Graduate in 3D printing series, we are going to make the overview of the best training to learn about the technologies, the software, the process of creation but also the business aspect of 3D printing. This eBook aims to be a real ally to improve both your knowledge and skills.

Boost your 3D printing education with the best courses

3D printing technology is going to be the mean of at the core of the next industrial revolution. This new tool implies new ways of thinking the product conception. Mastering the constraints of 3D modeling will be key to develop new products and designs adapted to this technology. From recruiters in big companies to entrepreneurs who create prototypes or launch a new product, they are all looking for people able to create the 3D model to materialize their ideas.

So how can you prepare yourself to have adapted skills for these job opportunities? It’s what we tried to figure out by gathering together these design schools focused on 3D Modeling.

How to boost your 3D printing education? Part 2 - Software and Computer Engineering

The 3D printing industry is composed of companies with diverse specialties; gone are the days when 3D printing companies only manufactured 3D printers. Today any company willing to dive into this new technology expects to hire employees with foundational qualifications. No matter what your background is, you can be sure there’s a location for you to learn the skills needed to join this diverse industry.

Our series of guides will help prepare you to enter the 3D printing eco-system no matter what your background. With the success of our first edition of this series we have now gathered 37 courses specifically dedicated to future engineers interested in developing and creating software for 3D visualization, conception, and optimization for 3D printing.

Boost your 3D printing education with the best schools

Today, 35% of Engineering jobs require a 3D printing education background and this figure increases each year. However, recruiters have some issues to find the right person with the right skills. So how can you prepare yourself to have adapted skills for these job opportunities ? It’s what we tried to figure out by gathering together 52 engineering schools focusing on 3D printing education.

4 Areas Where 3D Printing Is Unstoppable

The most attractive feature of 3D printing is the ability to create shapes and objects that cannot be achieved otherwise. In this eBook you will see 18 examples of products and research projects from the 4 categories below: complex geometries, mass customization, integrated assembly and engineering redesign. After reading these 18 cases, you will have a better understanding of what can be achieved with 3D printing, and also the areas where 3D printing is an unstoppable competitor to traditional manufacturing.

Fix Your Files for 3D Printing

The Fix Your Files for 3D Printing Ebook is a comprehensive PDF that includes a list of the most common modelling mistakes, a complete list of Sculpteo’s online 3D printing tools for automatic tasks and the best software to analyze and repair 3D files if you want to get your hands dirty. You’ll find the best solutions if you’re looking at making basic operations on your 3D files like analyse the mesh, repair it, take measures into the 3D files, rework the texture, hollowing the model, etc…

Our Design Guidelines for 3D Printing

Our Design Guidelines for 3D Printing covers the basics for taking your designs into the third dimension with Sculpteo’s services. It covers each of our available materials and the specifics you’ll need to optimize your file for a 3D print in that material.

3D Printing VS Injection Molding

The Sculpteo Guide to Cost Efficiency Through Short Series Manufacturing is an in depth study that compares 3D Printing to injection molds. It considers a plethora of factors including the size, quantity and complexity of a given object to find when it is most cost effective to manufacture through 3D printing and when it is most cost effective through an injection mold. Here’s a hint: 3D printing is often the most cost effective for smaller series runs!

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