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Discover how Additive Manufacturing can be a game-changer for the Medical industry!
ISO 13485 Afaq medical certification

Partnering with an ISO 13485* Certified Factory: Elevating 3D Printing Standards with Precision, Quality, and Compliance.

*Covers PA11/PA12, PP & TPU materials, for more information, contact us

What is producing medical devices components at Sculpteo?

3d printed orthosis


Identification of suitable material for each medical devices.

Medical grades

Selection of materials that ensure durability, biocompatibility and regulatory compliance


Performing rigorous testing and validation to ensure the device meets the industry standard

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Maintaining of a comprehensive documentation throughout the project, including design files, material lot numbers and manufacturing specifications

Medical statement of work

We have defined our own medical device statement of work, and can adapt to the customer's specific requirement upon request.

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Production of components for Class I and IIa medical device*

*Class III medical devices are excluded from our offering.

How 3D printing can bring your medical project forward

The goal of every medical procedure is to help patients. However, every patient is different, and no two bodies are the same. To help a patient as best as possible, a perfectly suited device built exclusively for their body is the best solution. Additive manufacturing offers this design freedom and can help to create solutions for every patient’s problems. Find out how 3D printing can allow you to develop individualized medical devices. With 3D printing, applications such as orthopedics, prosthetics, insoles, or medical tools can be customized to a patient’s needs. 

Materials Adapted To Medical Applications



Ultrasint® PA11

Ultrasint® PA11 is resistant and approved for skin contact, making it possible to create made-to-measure medical devices such as orthosis or orthopedic parts.
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medical tool

Medical tools

PP (Polypropylene)

PP is perfect for manufacture-resistant and custom-made tools. Get tools or surgical guides adapted to your tasks and meet your professional requirements and constraints.
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tpu insole

Custom-made insoles


TPU is an adapted material for your medical projects. This rubbery material is perfect for creating a custom-made insole adapted to the patient's morphology.
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*For us to consider a part as a medical device component, you must get in contact with a member of our team so that we can guide you through the manufacturing and validation process.

Sculpteo partners with Twikit to help you improve your manufacturing process and benefit from Mass-Customization for your medical projects.

Mass customization is the process of delivering services and products modified to meet a specific customer’s requirements at scale. In the medical sector, this is becoming an efficient method to meet the patient’s needs more cost-effectively.
Mass customization combines flexibility and personalization with mass production.

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Top 3 reasons to use 3D printing for your medical projects

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Medical Device Prototyping

From life-saving equipment to non-invasive diagnostics, medical devices have improved patient outcomes and enhanced the efficiency of healthcare services.