Sculpteo Studio: Design for Additive Manufacturing

Expert Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) consulting.

Professional industrial designers to help you make the most of Additive Manufacturing

Creating a great design for additive manufacturing requires specific knowledge and training. Our professional industrial designers will help you with product design from scratch or optimizing your existing design for 3D printing or laser cutting. Getting the perfect design will allow you to make the most of digital manufacturing.

EnvisionTEC Xtreme 3SP

Make the most of Design for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing opens a world of new possibilities when it comes to design and manufacturing. Discover how complex geometries (such as lattices), integrated assembly, and integrated closures can reduce weight, assembly time, waste, and cost.

Find the right manufacturing technology

The choice of technology is key to the development of any project. We help you find the right combination of technologies to realize your project in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Create products that actually work and discover the potential of each technology.


Choose the best material for the application

3D printing offers hundreds of material options to realize your project, but which will be the best one for your application and production scale? Our Design for Additive Manufacturing experts understand the benefits and drawbacks of each material and help you apply the right material according to your application’s constraints.

Make it printable!

Creating a 3D model and creating a printable 3D model are two very different things. To make a file 3D printable, there are some important requirements and our experts can help you navigate these constraints to achieve a successful 3D print.


Why choose the experts of Sculpteo Studio?

With a combined 15 years of industrial design experience, the team at Sculpteo studio has realized projects in the medical, luxury, fashion, mechanical, and a variety of other sectors. Sculpteo Studio is ready to help you tackle your additive manufacturing project and re-think your manufacturing process.

Innovate better and faster with our services


In-house design and modeling services for product design or optimizing existing designs for additive manufacturing. Find innovative solutions for prototyping or production.


Expert counsel and guidance to help you implement a 3D printing strategy in your business. Understand the applicability of 3D printing and how digital manufacturing can optimize your business.


Workshops and conferences for specific 3D printing technologies or Design for Additive Manufacturing offered online, in-person, or at our European facility by the 3D printing experts of Sculpteo Studio.

Ready to explore the benefits of Design for Additive Manufacturing?

Talk to our experts today to see how additive manufacturing can help your company optimize products, manage the supply chain or make the most of additive manufacturing!