3D Printing for Robotics

Discover how additive manufacturing can be a game-changer for the robotics industry!
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Develop Your Projects in Robotics by Using Additive Manufacturing​

Robotics projects involve hundreds or thousands of parts working together perfectly. Additive manufacturing offers the opportunity to produce these unique parts while conforming to the tight tolerances and perfect finishing you’d expect. With a variety of materials to match any project specifications, 3D printing is an ideal solution. Get ready to power your robotics projects with 3D printing!

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The Poppy ecosystem, was developed by the FLOWERS team at the French lab INRIA and later transferred in 2018 to the association Poppy Station. The most popular robot, Poppy Humanoid, is comprised of 33 different 3D printed components which can be customized per their client’s needs.


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Top 3 reasons to use 3D printing for your robotics projects

  • Short Lead Times
  • Quick Iteration
  • On-Demand Manufacturing

Start 3D printing for your robotics projects now!

Professional 3D printing is at your fingertips. Create a free account and upload your 3D files, select your material, technology, and post-processing options, and order online. We’ll take care of the rest in our industrial ISO 9001 factory.