3D Printing in the Luxury Sector

Discover how additive manufacturing can be a game-changer for the production of luxury goods!

Why you should choose 3D printing for luxury projects?

With 3D printing, manufacturing is no longer a barrier to creativity for luxury projects. With professional 3D printing, high quality finished products are possible at any scale of production and for any design. Top luxury brands are also making the most of additive manufacturing for prototyping, small series and mass-production.

internal structure

Internal structures & components

Thanks to additive manufacturing, it is possible to create strong and light parts. 3D printing enables complex geometries such as lattices and integrated assembly, optimizing the number of components and weight. These innovative structures are meant to make products lighter and more structurally stable.


Impossibly complex or intricate designs are what define luxury. Make the most of 3D printing for unmoldable designs to create unique accessories or ornamentation with a quality finished look and feel.


Tooling, Jigs, & Fixtures

Get specialized tooling, jigs, and fixtures for limited editions and custom products. 3D printing is the ideal manufacturing technique to develop and adapt all these tools. Additive manufacturing is known to be a fast technology,  but it’s also the most versatile, allowing to test and modify until the perfect tool is manufactured.

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The 3D Printing Advantage

Fastest Lead-Time

For those tight deadlines and product launches, professional 3D printing is by far the fastest solution.


Scale your Production

Limited editions or mass-production, 3D printing adapts to any scale of production.


Innovate and Iterate

Minimize inventory, production overruns, and obsolescence. Produce only what you need when you need it.

How can Sculpteo help integrate 3D printing in your luxury goods production?

Top luxury fashion brands have already realized projects using 3D printing with Sculpteo. Put 10+ years of experience to work for you to make the most of all the benefits of 3D printing and optimize your products and manufacturing processes. Discover the specialized services we offer in addition to our ISO 9001:2015 certified 3D printing production factory.

Quality Control

With the highest standards of tracing and quality control, Sculpteo is able to produce consistent quality with repeatable accuracy.

Design for AM

Benefit from the expertise of our Design for AM Industrial designers to optimize your designs and simplify assembly of large display models.


For finished products, quality finishes give your 3D printing projects a luxurious surface finish and professional look and feel.

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