3D Printing with Metal Casting

Discover metal 3D printing with Metal Casting and manufacture your parts.

What is Metal Casting technology ?

Lost-wax casting is an alternative to additive and substractive manufacturing to create multiple models from a first master model that will be used as a reference.

The master model typically built in wax thanks to 3D printing is the perfect replica of the finished product. Once the master model is created, a mould made in plaster is poured over it. Once the plaster mold is ready, liquid metal in injected into the mold to replace wax which is drain away through a treelike structure to create the object.

Why choose Metal Casting technology?

Lost-wax casting offers a good solution to create parts with a good quality and fair complexity. The main advantage of this process consists in the production of parts with sharp angles and a very smooth surface. Lost-wax casting is principally used to create jewelries.

Elegant look

Using Metal Casting allows creating metal parts with an elegant look


Finishing options

This technology offers a wide-range of possibilities when it comes to finishing options

Small parts

Lost-wax casting is particularly suited to manufacturing small parts with high quality

On-demand Metal Casting Service

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Which applications are best suited to Metal Casting ?

Lost-wax Casting is principally used to create jewelries. Indeed, this technology is perfect to create small parts, with a great quality. The various finishing options offered by Metal Casting will allow you to give life to amazing jewelry and decorative parts.

Metal Casting Materials

On our online 3D printing service, you can now order three materials produced with Lost-wax Casting. Discover the range of materials now!