About Sculpteo and 3D printing

What services does Sculpteo offer?

Sculpteo is a global leader in digital manufacturing based in Paris and San Francisco. The company provides professional online 3D printing and laser cutting services for on-demand production of prototypes, individual products as well as short-run manufacturing. Sculpteo provides access to a wide range of materials, finishes, and techniques, as well as superior optimization tools for file analysis and repair. With factories in Europe and the United States, Sculpteo offers fast turnaround and worldwide delivery. Sculpteo was founded in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau.

Where is Sculpteo based?

Our head office is located just outside Paris, France.


10 Rue Auguste Perret

94800 Villejuif


Tel : +33 1 83 64 11 22

We also have a workshop in San Leandro, California.


169, 11th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


Tel : 1-800-814-1270

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About the team

Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau started an exciting new adventure when they launched Sculpteo in September 2009.

At Sculpteo, there's a 'web portal' team and workshops:

- the 'web portal' team designs and operates online services; it is in charge of promoting the Sculpteo brand and enhancing the customer relationship. 

- the workshops perform the actual printing of 3D designs, using various techniques, and handle all shipping aspects.

Sculpteo: a socialy responsible business

The company is run with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.

The founders have entrenched their commitment to social issues in the company’s charter. Their style of management strives to achieve success on a daily basis, but also in the long term.

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 Legal notes

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