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What is Multi Jet Fusion printing technology?

HP Multi Jet Fusion (or MJF) is an additive manufacturing method invented and developed by the company Hewlett-Packard (HP). It creates parts additively thanks to a multi-agent printing process. Your plastic part will be created layer by layer, according to your 3D model. 

In this process a fusing agent is applied on a material layer where the particles are destined to fuse together. Then a detailing agent is applied to modify fusing and create fine detail and smooth surfaces. To finish, the area is exposed to energy that will lead reactions between the agents and the material to create the part.

When the printing process is complete, the build box is removed from the printer. An operator carefully extracts the parts from the build box and removes the remaining powder thanks to brushes and air blowers.

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Why choose Multi Jet Fusion technology?

The Multi Jet Fusion process is the fastest plastic 3D printing technology, perfect for prototyping or manufacturing. Multi Jet Fusion is great for both beginners and experienced professionals because of its high precision and low cost.



If you are looking for a solution for mass customization, start considering the Multi Jet Fusion technology and its amazing customization possibilities

Low-priced material

Our Raw Multi Jet material is an economical solution. This technology is perfectly adapted for prototyping and mechanical tests.


Detailed possibilities

The main benefit of Multi Jet Fusion is its highly detailed design possibilities. Create very complex shapes in a very short amount of time.

On-demand Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Service

Sculpteo provides you the best online 3D Printing Services for your plastic parts. Thanks to our expertise in Multi Jet Fusion technology, you can choose between several options, instantly receive a quote, and let us handle the manufacturing in our ISO 9001 certified factory.

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Which applications are best suited to Jet Fusion 3D Printing?

Multi Jet Fusion manufacturing technique is particularly useful to create unique plastic parts with a good surface finish. With such a technology, you can create very complex shapes in a very short amount of time. 

Thanks to this technology you can reduce costs and improve performance. The Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology can be used from mechanical (e.g. prototypes, articulated objects, geared systems), electrical, medical, ornamental, automotive, to even educational purposes.

What are the advantages of MJF?

Multi Jet Fusion offers a great variety of 3D printing materials with great mechanical properties. If you want to production functional prototypes, or small production runs of end-use part, HP Multi Jet Fusion is a great alternative to SLS. MJF is an excellent choice if you’re creating components with intricate, multiple patterns that also include tiny aspects that must be durable. In opposition to 3D printing technologies such as SLA or FDM, with HP MJF, you do not need supports for your part. Supports are not necessary with the powder bed system because the parts are efficiently nested in the build area.

Design guidelines for MJF

Material Layer thickness Maximum size Accuracy Advantages
PA12 80µm (raw/unpolished) 370 x 274 x 380 mm X/Y: ± 0.3% (minimum of ± 0.3 mm) Z: ± 0.5% (minimum of ± 0.5 mm) Versatile
PA11 100µm 274 x 370 x 380 mm X-Y : +/- 0,3 % (min : 0,3mm) Z : +/- 0,7 % (min : 0,6mm) Bio-sourced, Versatile
PP 120µm 360 x 264 x 370 mm X/Y : +/- 0,6 % (minimum of +/- 0,7mm) Z : +/- 1 % (minimum of +/- 1,1mm) Resistant, resistant to chemicals
Ultrasint® TPU01 100µm 274 × 370 × 380 mm See Design Guidelines Flexible

Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Materials

On our online MJF 3D printing service, you can order one material produced with Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers.  

MJF part


HP Jet Fusion Technology

Finishes available for MJF 3D Printing

While using HP Multi Jet Fusion you can access some nice finishing option to give your an unique look and a high quality surface to your 3D printed parts

Chemical Smoothing


Color Touch

Color Resist

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