3D Printing for Electronics

Discover how additive manufacturing can be a game-changer for the electronics industry!

Why should you choose 3D printing for electronics projects?

Additive manufacturing is commonly used by product designers and inventors for their electronics projects. For prototyping there is simply no better technology to turn concepts into a reality. But with advancements in materials and technologies, 3D printing has proven itself beyond the initial proof of concept. Discover the applications of 3D printing for electronics production.



Additive manufacturing is a way to create made-to-measure components for electronic devices. You can optimize your product, improving its structure by making complex geometries, and integrating assembly. Produce the amount needed, take advantage of mass-customization and on-demand manufacturing to revolutionize the way you develop new products and scale production.


3D printing allows for creating lighter, stronger, and more functional drones, requiring less assembly and fewer parts. You can use additive manufacturing to make tailored fixtures and lattice structures to reduce weight. This technology is also the ideal solution for manufacturing iterations to adapt your products to your client’s needs.

Application Aeronautics
poppy drone robot 3d printing


Robotics projects involve hundreds or thousands of parts working together perfectly. Additive manufacturing offers the opportunity to produce these unique parts while conforming to the tight tolerances and perfect finishing you’d expect. With a variety of materials to match any project specifications, 3D printing is an ideal solution. Get ready to power your robotics projects with 3D printing!

Custom Connectors

Innovative projects require innovative solutions for even the most common components. 3D printing allows you to design connectors that perfectly conform to the constraints of the project/application. Create adapted connectors, making the most of unmoldable designs and integrated assembly to ensure the perfect fit.


The 3D Printing Advantage

Fastest Lead-Time

From file design to professional quality parts in your hands, 3D printing is by far the fastest solution.


Scale your Production

Scale your production as business grows with an adapted manufacturing solution for any size order.


On-Demand Manufacturing

Reduce inventory and manage production better by ordering only what you need, when you need it.

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How can Sculpteo help your electronics projects?

Create adapted devices for any of your projects and make the most of all the benefits of 3D printing to optimize your products and manufacturing processes. Discover the specialized services we offer in addition to our ISO 9001:2015 certified 3D printing production factory.

Design for AM

Benefit from the expertise of our Design for AM Industrial designers and engineers to get optimized products for your electronic projects.

Production Optimization

10+ years of experience helps you lower the cost of your 3D printing projects and ensure quality production at any scale.


Our custom finishing options give your visible components a quality, professional look for end-use parts.

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