3D Printing vs. Injection Molding

A comparison of 3D printing and Injection molding for short series production to optimize cost efficiency

3D printingVS injection

What's inside?

Which factors affect the price of 3D printing?

Learn how to optimize the price of 3D printed parts.

What are the different technologies?

How does 3D printing work and is it an option for your manufacturing project?

When is 3D printing the right solution?

Explore 5 case studies of pricing for 3D printing and injection molding.

3D printingVS injection

Is 3D printing a real alternative to injection molding?

Our study first takes into consideration qualitative aspects such as elasticity, resistance, and finishes before switching to more quantitative research. To do so, the study takes into consideration the following factors that affect production unit price: The number of units produced, The volume of the 3D printed object, The complexity of the object’s design.

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