The State of 3D Printing Report: 2016

Discover 2nd edition of The State of 3D Printing; see how 3D printing users make use of this technology.


What's inside?

Spending on 3D Printing

77% said they would increase spending on 3D printing in 2017.


Business Strategy

93% consider 3D printing a competitive advantage.

Adoption of 3D Printing

58% say material and supply costs is a very important factor in adopting 3D printing.


Even more insights into the 3D Printing world...

With Sculpteo’s 2nd edition of the State of 3D Printing, we collect even more data on users of 3D printing to get a fuller picture of the 3D printing industry. Compare this report with last year’s results and see how the industry is growing!

Download the report: The State of 3D Printing: 2016