The State of 3D Printing Report: 2017

Discover the third edition of The State of 3D Printing. See how 3D printing users make use of this technology.


What's inside?

The ROI of 3D Printing

47% saw a greater return on investment than last year for 3D printing activities.


The Competitive Advantage

90% said 3D printing is a competitive advantage in their business strategy.

3D Printing Applications

34% use 3D printing for prototyping.


Discover the 3rd edition of Sculpteo's annual study of the 3D Printing Industry

Explore the insights from 3D printing users around the world!  We collected data across the 3D Printing Industry to make an analysis on how businesses and individuals are using this cutting edge technology

Download the report: The State of 3D Printing: 2017