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Special series

The 3D Printing Cloud Engine lets you produce short series from 1 to 500 objects of everyday life products in less than a week. We offer you more than 35 different materials and our experienced 'home-grown' R&D to succeed in the integration of 3D Printing into your business.
Join us for the 3rd Industrial Revolution!

Customized Products

Use our easy and efficient customization tools to provide a new experience to your customers. With the 3D Printing Cloud Engine, we can produce a different object for everyone. When we say different, we really mean it: different size, shape, engraved or deformed models, pattern... we create anything possible in 3D that remains 3D-printable.

No more stock problems

With the 3D Printing Cloud Engine, you will never again say "Sorry, this product is out of stock. Your entire range can be printed on demand, at any time, in any size and color for your customers. Satisfy them 100%!

How does it work?

Sculpteo is a cloud based 3D-printing solution that helps you create and manage your own on-demand manufacturing service wherever you are. List your designs, choose customization options and materials... Within 4 hours, you can integrate and benefit from the amazing technology of 3D-printing!

Case Study #1: You are a designer and you want to sell your model on your website

You can easily embed your Sculpteo shop into your website and grow your sales.

See our documentation for:

If you already run a shop, it's also possible to integrate just an overlay with Sculpteo Content (case study #2)

See our solution live on Particule14 group's website.

Case Study #2: You are a brand and you want to offer unique products based on 3D printing

You can integrate the Sculpteo Cloud engine in different ways, mainly depending on if you're providing the customization experience yourselves or not.

Integrating an overlay with Sculpteo content into your shop is the best solution for those who want to benefit from our customization tools and the whole Sculpteo experience.
The Sculpteo Cloud Engine can be integrated with major e-commerce platforms such as shopify or magento (you keep control of the basket and payement management)

If you prefer to manage the customization tools yourself, you can integrate Sculpteo after your client has created their custom design.

See our solution live here:

See it live!

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Case Study #3: You are a 3D model platform and you want to offer a 3D Printing Service

If you manage a library of 3D models or a solution to create 3D models, you can add 3D printing to give your customer a richer experience.
We give a percent of the turnover on each order.

Choose between our 3 solutions for automatic upload.

We handle the rest for you.
We pay you a commission on orders every month.

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