3D Printing for Marketing and Promotional Goods

Discover how additive manufacturing can be a game-changer for your Marketing and Promotional Goods

Why should you choose 3D printing for your Marketing Products?

Unique marketing supports set your brand apart and make an impression to last. 3D Printing gives your brand endless potential for customization and the freedom to create any designs and products!

Promotional gifts

Do you need a flexible manufacturing technique to create custom gifts for your customers?  With 3D printing, corporate gifts and promotional products stand out from the rest. You can easily create the amount of items you need for your special event without minimum orders or extra costs for molding. Get your unique, customized gifts and trophies when you need them!



3D printing is a quick, flexible and reliable solution to highlight your products at exhibitions, tradeshows, or product launches. Create scaled models, super-size your product, or highlight key components to help clients visualize your products. With a variety of technologies and materials, professional 3D printing can accentuate the smallest details or turn heads with towering displays!

Concept models

3D printing is the perfect solution for architectural models, real-estate developments, automotive or aerospace project launches, or any project where you need to fully demonstrate your ideas! Create professional and detailed 3D printed models to help your customer get a better visualization of the whole project. 


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The 3D Printing Advantage

Fastest Lead-Time

For those tight deadlines and product launches, professional 3D printing is by far the fastest solution.


Scale your Production

Unique models or thousands of customized promotional giveaways, industrial 3D printing can meet your needs.


On-Demand Manufacturing

No more minimum orders! with 3D printing you order only what you need, when you need it.

How can Sculpteo help you make the most of your promotional goods?

Put 10+ years of experience to work for you to make the most of all the benefits of 3D printing and optimize your products and manufacturing processes. Discover the specialized services we offer in addition to our ISO 9001:2015 certified 3D printing production factory.


Customize your promotional products with color matching and specialized surface finishes for a professional look and feel.

Production Optimization

Our designers and technicians help you reduce the cost and speed up your production for 3D printed models and giveaways.

Design for AM

Benefit from the expertise of our Design for AM Industrial designers to optimize your designs and simplify assembly of large display models.

Let's Talk!

Talk to our 3D printing experts today to see how additive manufacturing can help your company create unique marketing and promotional goods. From concept models to giveaways, we will help you identify all the benefits of additive manufacturing to promote your company!