Sculpteo Studio Training Service

Do you need to get a better understanding of all the advantages that 3D printing could bring to your company? With the training service offered by Sculpteo Studio, you will get a personalized support to improve your products but also your production process.

What is the training service offered by Sculpteo Studio?

Sculpteo Studio is an approved training organization. With Sculpteo Studio, we offer training that can be adapted to any company and any projects. This service based on our experience will certainly be useful for you and your company, no matter your level of expertise.

We are offering different workshops in order to give you the keys to create your own projects.


A training service for beginners to experienced 3D printing users

Understand the big principles of 3D printing, and the impact that additive manufacturing could have on your production process. Discover all the benefits of this technology to improve your business.

If you are already using 3D printing, we help you go in depth, with adapted workshops. We will share our 3D printing expertise with you, to give you the opportunity to optimize your use of this manufacturing process in a relevant way.

Customizable training adapted to your needs

See how 3D printing can be implemented in your business by working directly on your project, adapting to the specificities and problematics of your industry.

Get the opportunity to practice with 3D printing professionals, able to guide you in order to improve your prototyping and production process.

Our goal? To create a training fully adapted to your business and to your needs!


Improve your products thanks to 3D printing

Decrease costs, discover new manufacturing processes and new materials with diverse and amazing properties allowing you to rethink and improve your final products.

Start a project from scratch, or rework on one of your current projects.

Where and when?

A training lasts 1 or 2 days, it will totally depend on the nature of your project. For the location, there are different possibilities.

They can take place in your company, online, or at one of our factories, in Villejuif (Paris) or San Francisco. It will depend on your project and the help that you will need.


What is our training service offering exactly?

The goal of this training service is to initiate you to 3D printing or improve your current use. No matter your level of expertise regarding this technology, it can be a great asset for your business to start making the most of this cutting-edge technology. Regarding your needs and your project, we will be able to guide you through different trainings:

Training dedicated to different 3D printing technologies.

Choose between our different workshops. SLS 3D printing, CLIP 3D printing, metal 3D printing: which technology are you interested in?

Our team of 3D printing professionals will teach you all you need to know about the one that you want. You will get a better understanding of all the properties and advantages of each additive manufacturing technology.

A training to learn how to design for 3D printing.

Our industrial designers are here to help you create great 3D printable parts, specially made for the 3D printing technology that you chose. Indeed, each printing process in additive manufacturing has its own properties and constraints, and so does each 3D printing material. You will have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned with our professional designers. 

Workshops to improve your use of 3D printing

Our training service is not only addressed to beginners. You can also get pieces of advice and tips from our team in order to reinforce your knowledge about additive manufacturing, or to learn about other technologies.

Do you want to learn about new technologies? Improve new aspects of your products or production process? Our training service can totally help you with all of this!

Ready to explore the benefits of Design for Additive Manufacturing?

Talk to our experts today to see how additive manufacturing can help your company optimize products, manage the supply chain or make the most of additive manufacturing!