Prepare your model for 3D printing with Blender

This tutorial was made for Blender users with an interest in 3D printing. It covers the essential information for taking your 3D model and turning it into a 3D object using the free CAD software.

Through this tutorial, you will learn some of the best practices for modeling, correcting and exporting a 3D file for 3D printing with Blender 2.7. Specifically this tutorial covers the following points:

Blender is a free 3D modeling software which is optimized for 3D animation and rendering using polygonal modeling techniques. This tutorial is based on version 2.7 of Blender – the most recent version of the software can be downloaded from the Blender website.

You don’t need to be an expert in Blender or 3D modeling in order to understand this tutorial. However, it is important to understand some of the basic functionalities of the program as we will be covering the best practices to take your model from the program into a 3D printer. The basic functionalities of Blender will not be covered in this tutorial.

For more information on the basic functionalities of the program, we invite you to visit the Blender help page. You will also find a great number of Youtube Tutorials which can help you get started in the free program and get a good introduction to Blender’s features.

Before getting started, here are a few words about Blender 3D to help you figure out if it’s the right CAD software for you. This modeling tool is used both by game designers, web developers, engineers, and people wishing to use 3D printing. It can also be used for graphic design. Game developers especially enjoy its features, both in Edit mode and Object mode, in terms of modeling and texturing, as well as in shading and lighting. Character creation is made easier, and visual effects can be added. Animation is Blender is also possible.  All kind of users can also use Blender 3D for basic modeling thanks to its great user interface.

Are you now convinced of the value Blender 3D could bring to your project, either character animation and creation, or 3D printing and willing to learn more about Blender basics? As part of our tutorial series, discover our Blender tutorial for beginners!


  • 1.1. Preparing the Software
  • 1.2. Polygonal Modeling for a 3D Print
  • 1.3. 3D Printing Modifiers: Best Practices
  • 1.4. Case Study: Creating a cat’s head
  • 2.1. Importing into Blender
  • 2.2. Verification Tools
  • 2.3. Export Your File for 3D Printing
  • 3.1. Double Verticies
  • 3.2. Inverted Faces
  • 3.3. Non Manifold Meshes
  • 3.4. Non-Planar Faces
  • 3.5. Isolated Vertices and Faces
  • 3.6. Acute Angles
  • 3.7. Fine Parts