Customize glasses with 3D printing

Produce optical parts even more efficiently thanks to online 3D Printing

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for eyewear...


There's more to do than a lens!

Any optical system is made from optical parts and a gear system that requires high accuracy and relative resistance.

Build high-quality optical devices thanks to 3D printable custom parts designed by you or 3D designers and 3D printed in HD white plastic (60 microns layer thickness).

Get Customization and batch production at the same time

How can additive manufacturing help you build high-quality glasses? Create a special design and start production immediately, thanks to our batch control tool that makes you save money on series, we help you to create the best glasses frames for your customers. You can easily change the shape of your optical system on your CAD software and create customized glasses. No need for any specific tooling, with 3D Printing, mass production starts at once.


Take advantage of the numerous properties of 3D printed resin

Make a one-of-a-kind fire bike or reflector while keeping their optical properties.

With our large range of color for 3D printed resin, you can prototype colored glass or create any kind of decorative or functional part.

3D Printed resin also enables the production of complex mechanisms that would need to be assembled in traditional manufacturing.

Best optics projects with 3D printing

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3D Printed Eyewear octobre 71

3D printed glasses: How Octobre71 uses additive manufacturing in optics

3D Printed Eyewear

Eyewear Kit helps you create 3d printed glasses!

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