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Eyewear Kit helps you create 3d printed glasses!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Feb 20, 2014 | 0 comments

Quite like many digital platforms are releasing APIs for third parties to connect, the  Eyewear Kit cracked the code to insure 3D printed glasses are on the way. They created a designer kit which offer 3D models of a large range of lenses that they can provide. Around those 3D files, designers can come and imagine new designs of glasses. For the first models, the Netherlands based company partnered with Michiel Cornelissen. The designer imagined a set of three different glasses frame. Those models are available in  Michiel’s Sculpteo shop. Each frame will be printed in nylon.

You’ll find three different models for now:

– the “Hatch” model:

– the “Wire” model:
– the “Pince-nez” model:
Once you’ve picked your frame model, you need to visit the Eyewear Kit website to choose the lenses you want. You can choose between many different lenses type.
lens category
For now, the only registered designer is Michiel Cornelissen but in the future, you’ll see more and more models. This is a great example of what 3D Printing can achieve when it combines traditional manufacturing and on demand 3D Printing. The Eyewear kits is basically a website that allows you to buy and recieve sets of lenses you can use to transform 3D printed frames into fonctional glasses. Then you just have to snap the lenses on the frame.

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