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Making sculptural masterpieces accessible to all through 3D printing

Posted By on Jun 29, 2013

There has been lots of attempts to grasp the world out there and 3D print it, but we think the one launched by Cosmo Wenman on Kickstarter needs a little push! Cosmo launched a new original and ambitious campaign on the famous crowdfunding platform w...

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Personalize your case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini and Galaxy Ace with 3DP Case

Posted By on Jun 27, 2013

We’ve have heard your requests! During all our past events, we’ve seen people asking for cases for the whole Samsung range. We just integrated new cases in our online 3DP Case application. Starting today, you can now personalize and order cases from ...

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Get the toy of a Kinder Surprise without even breaking the egg

Posted By on Jun 25, 2013

Good news for the parents! Thanks to Laura North, an engineering postgrad from Swansea University (United Kingdom), it’s now possible to get the Kinder Surprise toy without breaking the chocolate egg. For the 2013’s edition of the Research as Art awa...

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Our Design Guidelines for 3D Printing covers the basics for taking your designs into the third dimension with Sculpteo’s services. It covers each of our available materials and the specifics you’ll need to optimize your file for a 3D print in that ma...


What if you could transform DNA into 3D printed portraits

Posted By on Jun 22, 2013

We have just read about a great 3D printing story and we wanted to share it with Sculpteo blog readers. The whole artistic process behind this is quite similar to the one followed by anyone wanting to dive into 3D printing. You don’t necessarily know...

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Oh! and one more thing before the weekend: our friday picks!

Posted By on Jun 21, 2013

The weekend is coming up, and it means one thing. It’s time to relax and take some time to explore our designer stores! It has been a while since we didn’t feature any designer’s store. It is now time to catch up and let you discover some 3D printed ...

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Sculpteo's guide for short series manufacturing

The Sculpteo Guide to Cost Efficiency Through Short Series Manufacturing is an in depth study that compares 3D Printing to injection molds. It considers a plethora of factors including the size, quantity and complexity of a given object to find when ...


Sculpteo at the french digital festival Futur en Seine

Posted By on Jun 12, 2013

Since the last Maker Faire in San Mateo, we have been hard to find! But if you are in Paris this week, you will have the possibility to spend plenty of time with us. Beginning tomorrow, the french digital festival Futur en Seine 2013 is about display...

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Father’s day is coming everyone!

Posted By on Jun 11, 2013

Fathers day is coming up and since you probably are running out of ideas, we figured it might be useful to offer you some inspiration. For this Father’s Day, surprise dad with something better than a handmade paper tie. With just a few days left befo...

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