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Oh! and one more thing before the weekend: our pick list!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jun 28, 2013 | 0 comments

Hi everyone! The weekend is coming, the week is almost over and it’s time to check out our gallery picks of the week.

Our first pick goes to Maruku’s shop! Marc has been the person setting up the store, but it’s in fact a collective store from different Minecraft players. Marc modelized the avatars of over twenty Minecraft players, who are often playing together. The “Chibis” are 3D printed in our multicolor material. We’ve been huge fans of this store, and those little characters are now populating our desks in the office.


We also ordered one light holder from the FCPRS shop. The shop owner decided to let you print in ceramic only. The result is really amazing, and even if it’s the summer, it’s never too soon to plan cosy fall nights.



Stevans Robert has set up a store with a really nice 3D print of game character. He has developed his personal universe and you can find his other creations here. The store will be filled with new items soon. We 3D printed his character in our white plastic material, but you can customize it with the material of your choice. We can’t wait to print it in our Alumide material.


We wish you a nice weekend! And we hope you’ll have some 3D printing thoughts!


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