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October 2010: This month on sculpteo blog, we covered the news and trends about 3d printing. You'll find a selection of tutorials and posts about the 3d printing technologies, the 3D printing materials and the best 3d modeling software

Each week starting today, we will be showcasing fantastic 3D models compatible with 3D printing. This week, we’ve picked the Taj Mahal. In coming weeks, you can expect lots of surprises and much more unusual designs. If you have any suggestions, feel...

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MakerLegoBot: a LEGO 3D printer

Posted By on Oct 21, 2010

Introducing MakerLegoBot, a 3D printer made with LEGO Mindstorm NXT. You’ll have a chance to see for yourself at the upcoming LEGO World in Zwolle, Netherlands, from October 20 to 27. The printer involves 3 LEGO Mindstorm smart bricks and 9 NXT motor...

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The Top 20 3D Printing Stories of 2014 offers complete coverage of the most exciting 3D printing projects of 2014. Stories that involve the European Space Agency, Audioquest, ALB Watches and even the Cité D’Architecture in Paris. If you’re looking fo...


Starting today, you can order custom figures that make the perfect gift for someone who deserves something truly special (truly unique, actually). If you have friends or family members who are getting married soon, act fast! The usual wedding-cake fi...

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Sculpteo’ s first year of existence has been a time of sustained growth. As part of our accelerated development, we are now pleased to offer delivery to the United States and Canada. Your items are produced fast and ship within 48 hours of your order...

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3D Printing : the revolution is on

Posted By on Oct 8, 2010

In recent years, there has been much talk about “Web 2.0”, social networks and augmented reality. But in the coming weeks and years, the conversation will probably be focusing on 3D printing. At Sculpteo, we are well aware that this was a true revolu...

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