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Many Internet users work with the 3D software Google Sketchup. This tutorial will show you the main errors to avoid, in order that your 3D models can be compatible with a 3D printing : To upload your models, go to the upload form. Related posts: How to Choose your Next Professional 3D Printer Tutorial: How to Fold Sheets of Metal in Steel and Aluminium...

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Animated by a wish to inject dynamisn into the region of the Pyrenees, Sculpteo‘s founders have established the production site in Arreau, a district to which they have become attached. Arreau, this magnificient country of Bigore (France) is in the heart of the mountains, and has thus welcomed Sculpteo and the EOS, a machine that allows to print objects in white polyamid through a sintering powder process, which you can watch...

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Three points on the Sculptris tutorial. On fascinating trick is the free 3D software Sculptris, which needs no installation on your computer and which you can download for free at On many aspects, the software is similar to its big brother named Zbrush, but is less developed and consequently, in addition to being very aesthetic and accessible even to those who have never designed anything in 3D, Sculptris is also very...

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