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Space Invaders QR Code

Posted By on Feb 28, 2011

A QRCode (Quick Response Code) is a 2D barcode allowing access to any item on the Web (website, image, video etc.) simply by scanning it with a smartphone equipped with a reader such as Mobile Tag. The QR code below, however, won’t take you anywhere....

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As you may have noticed, the interface has recently undergone graphic and functional improvements. We have very much focused on how designers can control which customization choices they offer users. Personalization options can now be fi...

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A group of students from Massachusetts have invented AutoFrost, a robot that can draw frosting patterns on cakes. The principle is very simple: input the size and shape of your cake and draw your design using an interface reminiscent of Microsoft Pai...

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Want to pick up the moon ?

Posted By on Feb 11, 2011

Valentine’s day is near so what’s more natural than wanting to pick up the moon ? The moon, like a flower In heaven’s high bower, With silent delight Sits and smiles on the night [William Blake] This moon has been designed by cncdesignstudio...

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3D fluid scanning

Posted By on Feb 10, 2011

Friedrich Kirschner’s 3D fluid scanning allow to capture the shape of any 3D object using high contrast fluid like milk or ink. “By capturing the silhouette of an object submersed in the fluid at different stages of submersion, one can generate slice...

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3D mapping of urban environments

Posted By on Feb 7, 2011

SAR interferometry has been successfully used to make a topographic map of the surface of the Earth. However, there is uncertainty as to whether the radar returns come from the actual ground surface, or from a higher point such as the canopy of a for...

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Doodz the little rebel

Posted By on Feb 4, 2011

Dooz is a character created by Jovani, a designer based in Austin (Texas). You can see others Jovani’s 3D models in our gallery. The word “Doodz” derives from “Dudes”, an American English slang term which basically means “a male person”. This term is...

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